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Good samaritans (a little long winded)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by im.on.it, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. A little bit of a good story to share with you all.

    Tuesday morning waiting to meet up nibor to go for a little ride through the spur. I arrive on time at the meeting point (yes this does happen when I don't get lost) After waiting a while I decide to go for a walk around Warrandyte carpark as there is road works going on making a lot of noise.
    After a while i see a little 250 rock up and park I thought nibor is here, dart across the road only to figure nibor is not a blond girl. I start talking to her anyway turns out she is waiting to meet her partner to go for a ride. Netrider is mentioned and she has heard of it.

    we both enjoy a cancer stick and make phone calls to relative parties as both seem to be running a little late. Eventually her partner rocks up and we have a polite meet and greet I even get invited to join them on their ride. But I was sure nibor would turn up possibly he got lost. But turns out he was waiting just the other side of the round-a-bout, if anyone knows Warrandyte carpark at all.

    So as the couple leave, nibor rocks up just as I was about to don my helmet and go putter around to make sure he's not waiting in the wrong car park. My first time meeting nibor and we exchange pleasantries being half an hour behind schedule now, we just wanna get riding. I throw on my helmet and start to look for my key it's not where I usually keep it, empty all my pockets and it's nowhere to be found.

    nibor a very trusting young man offers to lend me his bike so that I can go home and grab my spare key while he waits around for me. In the mean time he even asks the road work crew if anyone has spotted a small key. As I head home and grab my spare key. Almost an hour and a half after the arranged meet time we can move back to our planned days riding. An enjoyable days ride and perfect weather to match. The next day I make a copy of the only key I have left, thinking the key was lost and gone forever.

    But yesterday afternoon I get an msn message from the blond girl (Rachel) who remembered my online name on NR and she had been out at Warrandyte car park in the morning, the road works fellas had found my key and remembered us 2 talking the other day. I sprint out to the car park to see if the crew were still there and collected my key.

    Not sure if Rachel has joined up to NR but if you're lurking around here still, a big Thank You for making the effort to contact me and help out a stranger. Hopefully meet you for a ride some day.

    And nibor you're a very trusting man to lend your bike to someone whom I've only just met. I do appreciate the kindness.
  2. As always, what goes around, comes around... :)
    Nice to see it happening, yet again, eh. :)
  3. You remembered her name and hair color. If I was her boyfriend I'd find out if you knew what color her shirt was then beat the shit out of you.

    But seriously, nibor must be fugging nuts...errrr, I mean well insured....I mean really trusting.
  4. Great ending to the day. :grin:

    Bought your lottery ticket yet, or do you reckon you've used up this month's luck quota?
  5. Nice story, mate, and a happy ending all round (apart from Bonkers' hypotheticals :roll: :LOL:).
  6. What if he could tell you her underwear colour?

  7. I know I shouldn't admit to this, but I thought the same thing :rofl:.
  8. lol.

    no worries mate :grin: anyway, i had your sexy lil hornet for my insurance :wink: :LOL:

    awesome to hear the road works boys found ur key! they were about to start moving that pile of gravel everywhere, i didnt think it would resurface for a loong time :?
  9. and why does everyone think im a chick!!! :mad: lol

    (Robsalvv informed me at the mentoring day, for the 1st month after id joined the forum, he thought i was a chick... :shock:)

    whats the deal lol
  10. should have got a ride with the blonde instead :LOL: