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Good samaritan

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yian, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to let people know that good people still roam this earth.

    2:15pm this arvo on the way to work. 6th gear, approx 110km/h, gave it a squirt to merge into traffic. Revs suddenly just shot up and I had no power.. tried every other gear.. same deal. All revs and no drive. Pulled over into the emergency lane and hopped off.

    Eh? Where the f$%k is my chain?? It snapped clean off and first thing I then checked was if my foot was still attached. Yup still there. No other damage at all whatsoever evident. Just missing chain...

    Had a bike stop to ask if everything was ok and he saw the chain further back. I walked back about 250m and there it was.. sitting on the road..

    Picked it up, it had seared off at the masterlink. Walked back to the bike and there was a van stopped there. Dude asked if everything was ok. I showed him the chain and he said I was lucky there wasnt more damage considering.

    Notice 'Balls performance' stickers all over his van. He was a friend of the late owner of balls performance. Offered and gave me and my bike a lift back home.

    Cheers buddy. You made my day.

    Lucky Sestak his name is. Awesome bloke!
  2. tops to the Saviour of the day (Y)
  3. ive been rideing bikes for over 30 years, back in the day if you ever see a bike on the side of the road you ALLWAYS stop to see if you can help,,,i still do,,, now days people dont seem to want to help anyone ,,,,how times have changed

  4. Yup I always at least slow down, and look for a thumbs up from the stopped rider, meaning all is under control but thanks for the thought.
    Or you get the yes please I need help wave.

    Similar to the "Team America" wave :angel:
  5. Yea he even gave me his card. Told me to give him a buzz if I ever get stuck and if he isn't too far away he'll give a helping hand.

    I offered to give him something for his time but he flat out refused.
  6. Good on him helping out, and lucky you the chain didnt catch anything!
    The day my chain breaks, i want it to be like that! :p.
  7. Lucky, very lucky.

    Rivet link or spring clip?

    Got pics of the chain? Curious to see how it happened.
  8. Guess the priest & the levite don't like motorcyclists ;)
  9. Spring clip. Not going down that route again.

    As of pics of the chain, I kinda forgot about it and left it on the grass at the side of the freeway. The chain itself was okay, just the masterlink clip must've worked itself lose, plate fell off and basically the force bent the other plate with the rivets.

    I'm loving my left foot a lot more these days :)
  10. Never been a fan of the spring clip design since 1983.

    Had one fail on my old GS750 and spent an hour on the side of the road unwrapping it from around the drive sprocket and out of the gearbox casing.

    My one saving grace was I used to carry a spare joining link [ old habit from dirt bike days ]
    Duct tape over the gaping hole, new link fitted and continued home and had a new chain fitted two days later ... the duct tape stayed on for a lot longer =D>
  11. Yeah, I've got a spare joining link now under the seat. As far as putting it together, I'm pretty certain I've put it together right.

    I'm not a mechanical noob as such (have built my weekend car from shell up), but then again, who knows. Hopefull this won't happen again... the chain anyway.

    I've always tried to make a habit of at least slowing down to check if a rider is okay, and will continue to do so.