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Good samaritan appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmylimousine, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Let me set the scene:

    Bike konks while heading outbound on the Western Ring road and I'm left with no option but to pullover on the inner most lane of 3 lanes, next to to a concrete barrier while still being in the lane, unable to make it across to the emergency lane. Cars coming by were given only maybe a hundred or so metres to spot and avoid me - I had semi trailers swoosh by only half a metre from my leg. I was shit scared!

    I eventually got off my bike and made a phone call to RACV roadside assist and they sorted me out with a toe truck and what not.

    In the time waiting for the truck to pick me up I had 2 good samaritans offer their help. I would like to use this thread to thank those people.

    First man: Dale? (forgot name). He said he was the president of the Victorian Motorcycle Riders Club or something to that effect. Pulled over and offered advice regarding potential problems and then gave me a red bull.

    The Police: 2 female officers parked in emergency lane with lights flaring to warn drivers and eventually stopped traffic for me to move my bike across to the emergency lane.

    Dan: Sparky by trade and former motorcyclists, so he tells me. He pulled over, offered me some fuel which wasn't needed, and then proceeded to play around with some components and got it going for long enough so I vould get home safely. He also tailed me to make sure I'd be okay and diverted traffic when it konked out again.

    I would like to thank all the people who helped me out today.

    If you've had someone help you, share it.
  2. Just goes to show that there are some great people out there.

    Whenever I see a bike on the side of the road I make an effort to turn around and go back, pull over and offer them help.
  3. Also, If anyone knows the two men mentioned above could you please extend my thanks to them.
  4. That'd be Dale Maggs President of the MRRA [​IMG]

    Thank him personally, president@mraa.org.au or on 0432 776458.

    Good post; & kudos to all who helped out [​IMG]
  5. Good thread idea, Jimmy, and it sounds like when you fell in you landed at the top of the heap!!!
  6. A similar thing happened to me the other day. I was traveling towards portarlington on the portarlington road. I just picked up my new bike the day before (zxr250 and i love it). I was still unsure on how the fuel tap worked and i ran out of juice.. hehe made me work the tap out pretty quickly :) Anyways after 10 mins of sitting there wondering if it was gonna be safe to leave my bike there for the hour or so walk back to the servo, a random legend (dean?) pulled over to offer any assistance. He ran me back to the servo and then back to my bike. All i can say is CHEERS MAN YOU SAVED ME BIGTIME. I ended up being ten mins late to my destination which could have been a whole lot longer. If i ever see this random again ill buy him a few beers :grin:
  7. ^the man who believes confiscation of motorcycles for traffic offences is ok.
    It's nice he stopped to help your individual case, before he headed off to work to continue back-stabbing all the other riders in the state.
  8. plush won :beer:
  9. Yep; hence the chuckle bud [​IMG]
    Help with one hand [​IMG] & f*ck you over with the other [​IMG]
  10. Whenever i see a bike in trouble i go out of my way to see if they're ok and if there is anything i can do to help, we all should really it comes with the turf of being a rider isn't it? Good to see you had some support out there thank god one of those semis didn't clip you