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Good roads around Toowoomba

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Puplefish, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. I'm moving down to Toowoomba over Christmas and I'm wondering if anybody knows of any good roads for riding down there? I've got a CB900F Hornet so no dirt pls.
    I know little to nothing about Toowoomba but it's gonna be home for the next six months at least and I want to find some nice routes asap so I can get my medicine in at the end of the day.

    Cheers guys.

    Also, I just joined up so let me know if I've put this in the wrong place or anything similar!

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  2. Welcome to NR. I think you need to talk to Greggles. He is up in Toowoomba I believe. Otherwise look for squiggly lines on google maps!
  3. Yeah, cheers man. I was checking out Google and the 'Gatton-Clifton' road looked kinda promising. Planning on checking that one out when I get down there. Will continue my eagle-eyed search from above.
  4. Am meeting Greggles for a ride on Sunday, shall ask him for you. Otherwise, we are starting to get some around Brissy mountain NR group rides happening - all interested are welcome. Others know better than I as I'm a noob and just returned to Brissy myself after 20 years.
  5. Hi PuplefishPuplefish mate there are quite a few really good rides all around the Toowoomba area. Would be more than happy to share all /any of my favourites with you. Yeah riding up from Gatton through MaMa Creek Heifer Creek through the back range crossing is good the road is a bit rough thanks to a fair amount of heavy vehicle traffic in recent times but still nice. Toowoomba down through Flagstone creek Ma Ma Creek to by pass Gatton through the back roads to Rosewood and beyond another good day ride. North through to Hampton turn off down through an excellent piece of road to Esk which then opens up all the Brisbane valley area, too many to mention. Mate when you are ready let me know always happy to have someone to share the road.
  6. I remember Gatton. I went to the college there for a year when finished high school. I had to hitch everyday to and from Laidley to college which was hell. One day a Thai guy gave me a lift on his bike and said, "do you want to come to a BBQ / party, I just need to stop and get a case of beer first - you could hold it for me". Of course I said yes, great Thai BBQ and people (actually went lived in Thailand for couple years later).

    Then at end of night after too many beers I said goodbye and that I'd have to walk home (10kms or so - ugh) as no one gives you lift after dark. The Thai guy said, "here take my bike, just bring it back in the morning". Wow, what a great and trusting guy. Being too drunk to think properly (like remembering I didn't know how to ride) I said ok, thanks. Luckily I smashed it into the clothes line before even leaving the property or it could have been worse. Went straight over the handbars, commando role, stood up fine, but feeling so bad I'd just crashed this extremely generous guys bike. He said, "it's fine mate don't worry" and proceeded to do burnouts an wheelies on it to make me feel better.

    Anyway, that was my first attempt at riding a motorbike and I thought "maybe riding a bike's not for me". Second attempt was years later in the South of China - another unique story, but at least I didn't crash it as had to pillion an extremely cute Russian blonde down tiny cobblestoned alleyways for a commercial. Thought, maybe riding a bike is for me. Still took me another 10 years or so till last month to actually learn to ride and get a bike. So, many years wasted not riding. Just think - I could have been pillioning hot blondes around for years!
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  7. Mate I'm very jealous I can see there would be some very interesting stories over a few beers.
  8. Sounds excellent, looking forward to checking these out. Thai guy sounds like a chill dude, what a legend.

    Moving down there around mid-January and definitely keen to meet up with some more riders, don't have any mates who ride at the moment so I'm usually on my lonesome unless I can coax girlfriend onto the bike.

    Liking this forum, glad I joined!
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  9. Just don't lend me your bike after I've had beers!
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  10. You should introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum page ' link thingy too when you've a chance. Is the done thing I'm told.
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  11. Lol, will remember not to.

    I'll hit them up now, thanks.
  12. I did the Esk Hampton Rd, down thru Toowoomba had lunch at nobby hotel, the headed down the Clifton Gatton Rd yesterday, was nice run. I've also done down the range thru Murphy's Creek, quick steep descend followed by fast sweeping roads. Some decent runs up that way
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  13. Mate you're spot on the money there Esk/Hampton is a very popular run there is a bit of a back way to the Nobby pub that is a pleasant run through Cambooya etc and following it up with a squirt down through the Clifton/Gatton MaMa Creek jaunt is a great ride. Just a shame the trucks have chopped parts of it up a little too much in spots particularly on a couple of the corners but still pretty good. Next time you're thinking of heading up this way drop me a line would be great to travel some of the way with you.