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Good road bike (BMW?) under $4000. Please list suggstions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. G'day guys -

    I've actually sold my ZX6R, but now am toying with the idea of purchasing a

    1. fuel freindly
    2. heated handgrips
    3. old (too keep the cost down)
    4. comfortable bike
    5. reliable (or not notorious for breaking down)

    to commute from the hills district to the city pretty much each day.

    I can only think of BMW's can anyone suggest? Need to keep it under $4k.

  2. In the Eastern States you should be able to get a useable 8 valve K100 for that money. It'll likely be ex-Police from way back, it won't be perfect cosmetically and it will be a 20+ year old bike with all the potential that that entails. There are good buys out there and you do get 100% spares availability, rock solid engineering, simple maintenance, a decent amount of go, superb ergonomics and, usually, a fairing that will keep you cosy and dry in all but the worst weather if you can keep the speed up.

    Points to watch are final drive splines. Lubricated by the book (easy), they last for ever but, for some reason, hardly anybody does. If they do go, a good, used final drive is about $500 and takes <1hr to fit. Standard suspension is squashy and takes some getting used to. "S" Forks (identifiable by a 2 piece front mudguard framing a hefty alloy fork brace) and a Koni on the back make the handling good for what the bike is. Brakes should be good. Not supersports standard but not frightening. Discs wear thin but will likely have been replaced on a high km bike. Gearbox is an accquired art. False neutrals are the order of the day for the first week or so, then you get into the habit of shifting firmly and positively and it becomes a very nice box to use. Much better than the later R series.

    I wouldn't shy away from anything with even 200,000 km on the clock. I've personally known Ks with 400,000 that were still running as new without ever being opened up and I've heard of plenty with twice that. High kms are a bargaining point but not a problem.

    Oh yeah. Contrary to popular belief, spares prices are comparable to or less than Japanese for pretty much anything you're likely to need and Ebay is crammed with used parts for anything that is hair curling. I know several people who rum BMWs because they're about the cheapest and easiest older big bike to keep on the road, strange as that may seem.
  3. Spot on about the K's. If you look hard you might even get one with ABS.

    You can do the final drive for a lot less than $500 by the way - there's a place in Queensland that will rebuild them for about $200. I know a few people that had them done and they are good for at least another 100,000K.

    The motors are virtually unbreakable - The instruments can get dodgy and if the combined switch/relay block goes it can be a little expensive.

    There is a K series in the US which is supposed to have done well over 750,000 kilometres without removing the head.

    Parts are really easy to get (as pat said). If you can't get them here, Moto Bins in the UK is really good (even the Yank K owners get their parts there).

    There's a brilliant and active K bike forum on Yahoo (mostly yanks but great for advice).
  4. hmmm.... intersting ok....im jumping on bikesales now....
  5. You should be able to find an early VFR for that money. Everything after '87 was good. They last forever, the only thing likely to let go is the regulator/rectifier.
  6. I think you'd be lucky for 4k, and I'd tend to avoid the complication on such an old bike, even though I think ABS is brilliant. Maybe not impossible though.

    Is that Moto Hansa? I tried them when my FD went and ISTR it being a bit more than $200. If it is possible to get the FD splines done for $200, I've got a couple of units on the shelf that could do with it.

    Nothing that a bicycle speedo and Ebay can't sort out :grin:. After all, with the lovely flat torque curve, you really don't need a tacho. Both my instrument clusters have lost the LCD gear indicator and elements from the LCD clock. Not a big deal and probably something to do with both bikes living outside for much of their lives. I've been studying the electrical system quite closely with a view to making a stripped down wiring loom for the racer and it's not as complex as it might appear at first glance. There is very little that cannot be either discarded completely or replaced with generic Bosch components given a little ingenuity.
  7. ah...nah. i just had a mate that sold one. its not a bad bike, but im really looking for something more comfortable and cruisy.

    i plan on getting a track day special soon after and in the meantime i just want 2 wheels and heated handlegrips with a seat and riding position that doesnt piss me off over a 50km commute each way each day

    thanks anyway...im open to suggestions!
  8. Of course, if you're mad, stupid or poor, you can use an old K as a fun, if tiring, track day weapon.

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  10. I'll just put in another vote for the Ks too.
  11. I'll chase it up the company and post it here. A friend of mine had his K75 done and was very happy with the result. (Now there's an under-rated bike. The K triple - albeit a little slower than the K100 but lighter and beautifully smooth)

    By the way, the K bike tech page has a wonderful lot of technical advice on almost every aspect of the K series.
  12. Quite so, and many (most?) had the "S" front end as standard so they should handle rather better than most of their big brothers. I'm not convinced they actually are much slower in the real world. Fat bastards like me need the extra grunt of the four :grin:. Otherwise, unless you do a lot of pillion work, I doubt if you'd be able to tell the difference performancewise.

    They seem a lot rarer than the 100 though.
  13. Damn this thread! I'm remembering why I regret passing mine on...time to go shopping.
  14. I agree totally. I've been contemplating another one for ages. I'm not sure the financial controller will permit a third bike though :)
  15. I'm looking at upgrading from the 650 F and tossing up between up between a GSXR 1000 and a K Series. This thread is not helping me.

    I'm now officially doing my head in :tantrum:

    (Oh how I wish I could afford both :cry: )
  16. And a quick look on Bike Sales found a nice looking K75RT (ABS) for $3600 in NSW

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  18. But are you sure it'll last long enough? It's only got another 875,000 kms in it before you'll need to spend $500 on new rings, exhaust valves and valve guide seals :grin:.

    Seriously though, it looks to be worth a look and a test ride.
  19. my one?

    it looks like a wicked deal! =D&gt;
  20. Ummmm. No. Tony's. Sorry