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Good Rides for new rider around Brisbane??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sugarnspice, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum and am new sure if this is the right place to ask this question. Please let me know if there is somewhere else I should have posted it.

    I am relatively new to riding (had my licence about 7 weeks), I am slowly building my confidence, and at the moment I am riding from Nundah on the northside to Dayboro, up Mt Mee road a bit, then back to Dayboro and home through Samford. I am beginning to become confident with this ride and would like to try a couple of new roads, would anyone have any suggestions on roads I could branch out to that arent' too challenging?

    I am on uni hols at the moment so am able to go out during the week. Would be interested in company if anyone else is able to go out during the week.

  2. Some nice rides out through tamborine/canungra. Some local stuff like Mt Glorious/My Nebo but these are usually heavily policed. Nerang-Murwillimbah road is another good one, out to natural bridge.
  3. What do you ride?
  4. I haven't had the pleasure of riding, but when I was in Maleny there was a pretty good distribution of bikes passing through town - especially some really good looking classic GSX-Rs. It's a bit out of Brissy though, might make a good weekend run :)
  5. I'll join you when I have a working bike again. :)

    Everyone craps on about Nebo. I did it for the first time on the weekend and didn't see what all the fuss was about. But it did seem noob-friendly to me. Except for one corner where there is a dip in the road; apparently catches a lot of riders out who aren't familiar with it. My next ride will probably be Mt Coot-Tha, turn around, do the same thing in reverse, turn around, repeat, repeat, repeat. :p
  6. If i'm not mistaken Nebo is mostly an 80 zone with a good variety of corners and Cootha is a 50 zone with about 3 corners.

    The corkscrew-like corner on Nebo is pretty good, especially if you are unawares. I contributed a couple of the tyre marks :)
  7. Correctissimo. But I felt like I was just going in circles on Nebo. Every corner was the saaaame. Maybe it was more me though; it didn't seem very friendly to my 2-stroke as it was so smooth; ended up braking hard unnecessarily on some straights so I could keep fanging her here and there. There's also the Gap Creek Road side of Mt Coot-Tha which the wonderful hackavatar showed me; that one was awesome for my bike, short as it is, but she was in such good running order last time I did that! Probably all the speed bumps... :)

    Haha I don't even remember there being a corkscrew corner on Nebo. :-s
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  8. Haven't done Nebo or Glorious yet,'m too much of a Noobie for those. But I did do Mt Cootha on he weekend, and really enjoyd it. es it is only 50 zone, but for anyone starting out it is a good ride that isn't too threatening. Nice easy twisties that you can do comforatbely at 50 I think. Would happily do it going from the TV stations then go in reverse.

    If anyone wnts to tackle this as noobie ride, there is a good coffee shop nearby on Sylvan Rd, could be a "mini meet up"...
  9. Nebo and Glorious are easy enough... Just take the ride at your own pace... They can be very unforgiving if you push to hard though as there are some big drop offs.
  10. Sugarnspice, sounds like you're based on the northside? For a newish rider, I would suggest D'Agular highway out to Woodford, then north on the Beerwah road and east down through Peachester. You can then jump on the Bruce Hiway or head back home inland. It's a reasonable short sun, with a good mix of corners on reasonable surfaces with good vision ahead (unlike some sections of Mt Glorius - Neebo run).

    I'm on holidays next week and if the weather stays like this, I'll be riding up in those areas most days. Happy to join you for a ride.
  11. Hmmm, I'm not sure I agree entirely with the Mt Cootha description as I found that it was painfully slow (50kmph in places where 70+ wouldnt be unreasonable), full of cyclists who often cut corners, a lot of tourists in slow vans and worst of all, lots of police with speed cameras. So even when I got a clear run in a section (no vans, cyclists, walkers etc) I didn't want to exceed the incredibly low speed limit due to the high police presence.

    Most embaressing moment of the ride? Crawling down the hill to maintain the 50 speed limit as I knew cops were at the bottom and getting overtaken...wait for it...by a guy on a pushbike in the full lycra suit. He mustve been going at least 75, straight past the coppers and out of sight. Sure I caught him on the next uphill (the idea of mechanised transport probably began to appeal to him as he sweated up the slope) but the point remains the the speed limit, traffic and police make Mt Cootha pretty average for me.

    On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy the Mt Nebo/Glorious route and when I ride to see my parents in Gympie I deliberately take a sequitous route through mt nebo, samford, dayboro, Woodford, Peachester, Maleny. Sure it takes longer but time is not as important to me as a great ride, on a nice sunny day through some beautiful scenery.


  12. John, try the run north of Woodford and head left to Maleny. The head left again to Kenilworth and then north through Amamoor. You can get all the way to Gympie without going near the Bruce Highway.
  13. I argree with you Captain115 about the speed limit. My coment was for a noobie, it is a good place to start, as the corners there are not imtimindatig at 50kms/hr. For me, it seems to be a good "training" place to get some techniques down and to build the confidence up.

    I see that you are in Taringa... been riding long? I'm also pretty cose to Taringa and been riding for just under a month.
  14. If ur nice, cute, healthy mentally and physically...don't blame me for your x's faults. Or turn into an axe weilding maniac soon after making love to me...........
  15. If you keep going through Mt Mee heading north, when you get to the D'Aguilar Highway, turn left, go through Woodford. Then right into Villeneuve/Neurum Rd (past the showgrounds). This road will take you to Kilcoy, where you can either return via the D'Aguilar Hway or keep going through Kilcoy then Somerset Dam, then return over Mt Glorious. We do that ride a lot, and there is nothing too challenging through there, except for some tight corners through Somerset Dam.
  16. Frankly if you're only doing "a bit" of the mount mee road you're probably missing out on half of a great road :p Keep going all the way to woodford. Then optionally on to malany.

    By the same token, if you're stopping at mount nebo you're missing the twistiest twisties on that route, which are on the other end of mount glorious
  17. I have a Honda VTR 250 (2009). Yes, the easier the better at this stage. However, I have been doing the run out to Dayboro and home via Samford, as I think I mentioned. Unfortunately as yet I find no joy in the 'twisties', am getting a little more comfortable with them. Was wondering how long/how much experience it takes (on average) to actually enjoy them?
  18. Ps, thanks very much for all the suggestions, I've taken them all on board.

    Yes Benjamin Button, I would be up for a ride next week,I'm free either Wednesday or Thursday at this stage.
  19. if you take eatons crossing road out to samford from eatons hill, you can turn off and go up Clear Mountain which is a good bit of fun, makes the trip to dayboro a bit more entertaining. Usually a quiet piece of road. I agree with quadbox, the last bit of Mt Mee is the best part of it.

    Keep an eye out on Cootha for the cops, got my first motorbike-related speeding fine there, some of those corners are far too nice to do at 50.
  20. When I was living in Taringa a few years back, I used to go up cootha around midnight and do 5 laps or so, a few times a week, for about a year!

    I reckon I could ride that place with my eyes closed now :)