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good ride through north NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by tanyathecheeky, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Leaving Bris go thru Beaudesert (no fuel for 150km afterwards)
    Then rathdowney, turn left to Kyogle, (Bellbird Park) then casino, onto the Bruxner to Tenterfield
    From Tenterfield towards Glenn Innes, turn left at Bald knob road (about 30km out of glenn innes) This road cuts out about 50km from the trip but beware it is very very very bumpy, and if not ridden with care quite dangerous.
    Left at the end of bald knob road takes you to Grafton over the Gwyder, which is an awesome road, rainforest, views and smooth as :D There's a town called jackadagery if you need fuel before Grafton. This is about 570km from springwood to here. There's a bike friendly pub in grafton called Roches.
    If you're tired you can go straight from Casino to grafton, but the gwyder is absolutely awesome, and the bruxner pretty good, well worth the detour.

    From Grafton go towards Nymbodia (watch out for cows), hardly any traffic, and there's quite a long stretch of awesome road, turn left at Tyringham, this takes you to Dorrigo, thru there to Waterfall way.
    From there you can head to the oxley via either the hwy or turn around and go back up waterfall way to Armidale. If i was heading to sydney i'd probably do the armidale way, go down the oxley, then join bucketts way at Nabiac. Through gloucester, and depending on how you felt and time, i'd probably then go into Sydney via the putty :)

    Now you can see why it took me 3 weeks and 6500km to do my melbourne trip :D