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Good repairer experience (Syd)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by David@DHill, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Posted elsewhere about my first ever off, bike was only a week old (as were my skills), some damage to the front. Was feeling pretty down about the whole thing.

    A friend suggested a place in the inner west on Parra Rd called Bikescape, so took it there for an opinion. Head repairer - nice guy called Paul - took the time to talk thru what had happened and how to avoid the problem again. Then discussed repair options and ways of keeping the cost down. Parts were ordered fast, repair done in a morning, cost ended up being lower than he'd predicted.

    Felt much better having dealt with them. Very different from my past experiences with car repairers, where I usually felt like a sheep being sheared with a lawnmower.


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  2. Cool thanks for sharing
  3. Sorry about the off buddy, it happens to almost all of us at some point, that off will be a punch in the face for you to hopefully never make the same mistake again.

    Entertain me, was it target fixation, a handful of front brake, or were you a little speed demon?