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Good reason to buy an Xbox 360

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SilverFox, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Screen shot of MotoGP 2006 here:


    Obviously screenshots have to be taken with a grain of salt, as they can sometimes be pre-rendered, but even so - very very nice.

  2. xbox 360 and a copy of motogp 2006 pre-ordered.

  3. Would be nice to get but $500 for the base model XBox and $650 for the upgraded version is a little to pricey....Might have to wait a year for the price to come down :(
  4. I agree, but I am used to it as a PC gamer mostly - $650 would barely get you a cutting edge graphics card nowadays :-(

    The real killer is going to be the HD capable TV to play it at a proper resolution.
  5. Sif want to play a game when you have a real bike. Never really enjoyed motorbike games, car ones are okish...

    Nice screenshot though. I don't really mind what the graphics are liek unless they are tryhard 3d like some of the crap you saw on the ngage etc ..
  6. I've tried most of the PC bike games, but nothing (still) holds a candle to Geoff Crammond's benchmark Grand Prix 3. On a nice big 19" TFT I defy any console to look as good, and NO-ONE can write real-time car dynamics like Sir Geoff.....
  7. i'm still not convinced the 360 is worth $650 :shock:

    old xbox will do just FINE till the price comes down to something reasonable and the smartie hackers work out how to get the same functionality out of them :grin:
  8. Looks nice but the MotoGP games have all been arcadey garbage so far which means I'm still playing SBK2001 for my bike sim goodness.

    /me kicks Sony and tells them to hurry up with a local Tourist Trophy release.
  9. hahahhaaa :LOL: poor sony peoples, have to put up with substandard motoGP games :p

    motogp3 on xbox is about the arcadiest of all of the xbox versions, and only because it has the road racing now. the GP bit still feels the same, nice and realistic like :cool:

    poor, poor playstation owners.... :wink:
  10. I would love to buy it but we don't have that kind of money.. PLus I went in and noticed how much the games were OMG!!! $109 was the cheapest I found.. I think I will be waiting

  11. $120 is the standard full price RRP for the 360.
  12. Until I start to hear reviews of the 360 that don't consist of "this thing keeps freezing!! It's a POS!!" I won't even CONSIDER it.
  13. I'm going to wait untill it's been hacked b4 even thinking about it.
  14. Yeah me too. Im gonna wait til I can get it chipped and a stompa harddrive to store millions of games for free! :D
  15. And be able to act as a proper network device - not requiring xpmce on your network to share from.
  16. Adn yuo cna get teh xternl disk drives jus liek thu comadoor 64!!@#$

  17. hahahahaa :LOL:

    only thing i'm looking forward to about it, is the inevitable drop in xbox prices 8) more xboxs mean more chips needed which means coco gets to do his thing more :LOL: