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good reason not to filter!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by offtrack, May 22, 2012.

  1. I was filtering to the front tonight, and had to stop, short.

    There was s bloody great big dog hanging out the passenger window, in biting distance!!!

    Anyone else find it amusing, how dogs look at you!!!! Must look bloody strange to them, in full gear!!!
  2. always get the dogs in the back of tradies utes lunging out and barking at me.
    bloody terrifying the first few times it happened.
  3. Hahaha, I always bark back, but it's more of a girly 'woowoowoowoo', did it last week and the tradie had his window down and nearly jumped out of the seat... he might have initially thought I was having a go, but I laughed and said 'cute dog' (was a massive Rottweiler)...after that he was grinning ear to ear, made me laugh. I have a 40 kilo pooch, so love the big fluffheads.
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    Yay a dogging thread! I dog at sports bikes, harleys, scooters and what ever but few people these days seem to dog back.

  5. Once tried to filter to the front and had to stop next to a ute due to filter block by another cager. I didn't even notice the dog amongst the junk...next thing I know I hear a sniffing sound and as I turned to my left a cute Labrador was sniffing me and decided to lick my visor...seeing a dog lick a visor from the inside is a sight to be seen! The owner was even kind enough to wipe the dog drool off the helmet. Such a nice owner/dog combination.
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  6. You get some ugly dogs around Franga!
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  7. I resemble that remark!! :rofl:
  8. Always find this amusing. Best way to deal with them is be very vocal, regardless of what you say. Wait until you have them chasing after you trying to bite your leg off. :eek:hno:
  9. A bloke I ride with used to be a truckie. He told me the story of a dog he had, it was a mad bastard he said, absolutely hated motorbikes. He was driving a table-top and the dog was on the back. Stopped at the lights in the left lane, a ute was in the middle lane. A bike filters up on the right hand side of the ute, the dog goes mental and jumps off the truck into the ute, barking its head off. Lights go green.

    He never saw the dog again...
  10. Yep, dogs see us as kindred spirits, coz we understand why they stick their head out window.
    But I confess, I'm sure I can here them yell out to me as i go passed, saying "hey mate, don't suppose ya got any spare goggles I could use!?"
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  11. Indeed!
    I'm told that Loftus Oval Carpark late on a Tuesday night is the go, and the BMW X5 likes to leave their windows wound down...
  12. I have had dogs lunge at me when filtering, scares the crap out of me. Fortunately most people tie there dogs in the tray in Brisbane, not the case out west.

    My last dog used to hate motorbikes, due to a certain fuckwit postie that used to kick the fence and stir him up. He would go ape shit when bikes filtered past. Even used to have a go at me on the scooter, little prick.

    New dog cares for nothing but food, pats and water to swim in. Typical Labrador.
  13. Hasn't happened to me yet, but i've had two dogs being walked go MENTAL as I rode by, and one off-lead king charles cav that b-lined for my front wheel...

    All in my 6 weeks!
  14. Dogs sitting up in utes don't bother me because I can see them. The ones I hate are the sneaky fuckers that lie down in the ute just waiting for some unsuspecting motorcyclist to ride past, then just as you get level with it they jump up and bark.

    Also, for you city dwellers, if you're out riding on back country roads beware of the kelpies/blue healers/collies that you might see. Most will concentrate on the sheep/cattle but the odd one will, for no apparent reason, take an instant dislike to you and your bike and try and eat you.
  15. Same thing for unleashed dogs in the suburbs - you don't see them as they're usually in yards, but they make a beeline for your front tire before you could even shit your pants.

    I love riding out to my parents place.
  16. my dog don't like my road bike but loves my ag bike or the quad probly becasue it gets to ride on them
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