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Good Range From A Tank

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chief, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. What do people to consider a good range (no. of ks) from a tank of petrol. Being new, I am used to my car that gets 500ks around town and 600-700 ks on the open road. It appears that from my '94 CB400 I get around 300ks to a tank. What do you consider good / OK / bad? What's your experience? It would appear that bikers spend a lot of time filling up.

  2. 300ks sounds like a good range for a bike.

    My bike is lucky to get more that 160-170kms.
  3. I get around 200k's to a tank before thinking about filling up, that's without pushing too hard or anything. The Spada's tank is only 10 or so litres, so on a big trip I would need to fill up fairly regularly.
    Would give an excuse for a break.
  4. I never push it too far. Once I reach 260Km I stop at the next petrol. I probably get 300km from my tank.
  5. I consistently get 280 before reserve. :)
  6. My tank holds 14 ltrs and I get over 300kms before needing to use reserve.But I prefer to not use that so at about 300 I fill up.
  7. About 4L/100km seems about average for bikes.
    Anything above 6L/100km is bad.

    Debends a lot on how you ride it though, there is a noticable difference between cruising at 80km compared with 110km, bikes have poor aerodynamics.
    How quick you excelerate makes a difference.
  8. 160km and the little orange light tells me the tank is dehydrating :(
  9. My bike is a dedicated commuter bike from Korea. So, I'd say 420km range out of its 17L tank is pretty good. I once covered 433km before beginning to feel signs of fuel starvation. Now, I put petrol every 400k to be on the safe side.
  10. ZZR-1100 - 310 km to "reserve"
    CBR1000F - 245 km to "reserve"
    CBR1100XX - 270 km to "reserve"

    All three bikes hold/held around 23 litres. Reserve is around 17 litres.

    The above include touring type riding, commuting, scratching, etc.
  11. And here I was thinking this was about tanks of the military kind..
  12. I was expecting this thread to have more artillery and muzzle velocity talk.
  13. Depends on how you are riding as well.......
  14. Ok, I can see the humour. For what its worth, a M1 Abrams main battle tank with AGT-1500 turbine engine producing 1500 hp (1119 kW) gets 465 km. It is slightly heavier than most bikes though at 63.0 tonnes. :grin:

    But seriously, for a bike, it looks like;
    Under 150 - Poor
    150-200 - OK not great
    200-300 - Good
    300-400 - Great
    400+ - Excellent
  15. Revhead!
  16. What bikes can get these sorts of mileage figures on a regular basis, particularly the 400+ figure?
  17. I get about 350km's, on a midsize bike, with a midsized fuel tank, so those numbers seem right.

    400+ is a reality on 250 commuters, and presumably BMW's fitted with big touring tanks.
  18. I once did 27kms on about 300mls @ 20kph... amazing what one can achive when they dont want to walk...
    have a 23lt tank fitted, normal riding gets me 500km+ now..
  19. I get ~250k from a 12l tank.
  20. i generally fill her up at 200km and i generally fit about 10L in but thats for inner city fairly spirited riding, as in i tend to gun it off most lights.

    By the time i get to 200km the fuel thing is usually pointing pretty close to empty but obviously experience has told me there is another good 5 litres left, still i tend to fill het up anyway.