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Good quality retro jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ewan82, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. My 4 year old RST leather jacket is getting a little shabby, stitching fraying. Plus not that keen on the style.

    Interested in a retro styled jacket and want to fish for opinions of Netriders. Primarily concerned about good quality build and features like removable inner fleeces.

    I think I might decided between the Triumph Stockton


    or Dainese Vintage Pelle


  2. Try Mars Leathers on Elizabeth Street in the city.
  3. Check out the Furygan Grip jacket.
  4. im considering getting this jacket for riding around town casually in, to uni and things.

    Its not so obviously retro, but its simple.


    There are lots of retro style jackets on that website though so check it out, Astars make some nice ones.
  5. Where are you Ewan?

    If you're within riding distance of Melbourne (or even if you have a helping hand to follow their instructions and measure yourself), you could do a lot worse than check out Tigerangel in Ireland St, North Melbourne. They're made to measure, but can be ordered over the internet, provided you've got someone to help measure you up.

    I've got a raven jacket, which is not so different from what you're looking at. They also do a retro-style racing jacket, which might be more up your alley.

    They're quite bit more expensive, $900-1000 when I last checked, but the quality is top notch, and, provided you look after it, conditioning-wise, it'll last you the rest of your life.

    I've had my jacket for 5 years now, I wear it 6 or 7 days a week, and apart from some light wearing to my left shoulder where I came off a few years back, it's as good as new. Where my accident abraded the stitching, they re-stitched that shoulder for me at no cost, and they fixed up the zip twice now for free, when the zipper-tag has, through frequency of use, fatigued and come away from the fastener. This was normal wear and tear, not a fault with the jacket, but they fixed it straight away, no questions asked. (Basically, you're dealing directly with the blokes that make the goods, not salespeople, and, since most of their business comes through word of mouth, they guarantee their products 100%.)

    If you're after minor style changes to any of their lines (mostly with the colouring to panels), they're happy to incorporate them, provided they're confident it'll not compromise the structural integrity of the jacket, should you go for a slide down the road. (I got them to change the collar on mine from a suede inner to a straight leather inner. I also got them to leave off the reflective patches on the upper arms. It cost me an extra $40 for the collar to be altered.)

    I'm happy for you to PM me if you've got any extra questions.
  6. my mate's got the Rjays Aviator jacket..........it looks brilliant for wot you're looking for.......just a thought
  7. I have the Shift Vantage in Dark Vintage which has retro look. Does not have a removable liner but find it more than enough for mid-winter in Queensland. Bit warm for a summer.
  8. expensive, but real nice

  9. Not so expensive that I'm not gonna buy one as soon as I can, the natural brown leather version is sweeeeeeeet.

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  10. +1 for Tiger Angel. Superb quality. I've got a set of their leathers (older version of the raven and touring pants) and element pants and jacket for touring. http://www.tigerangel.com/

    another local is Jackson racing


    have a pair of his Kangaroo gloves, which are excellent
  11. It might not be what your looking for, but Corazzo has some snazzy looking jackets.
    They're good quality too, I've got one.
  12. Ah yes I have noticed some very spiffy Icon 1000 (rimfire?) gloves I should have guessed there might have been something equally cool in a jacket