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Good quality bike locks?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by peeahh, May 24, 2007.

  1. Ok, so, I'm stealing a bike for a while - yes, the owner is aware ;) - and we need a lock.

    We've got one, but it's crap (as the Mornington boys can confirm :p) and we need to get a better one.

    Any suggestions on the best place to go to for good quality (and not stupidly expensive if possible...but then again...he's payin :grin:) locks?

    Ta muchly :)
  2. The lock is only 1/2 the battle, the chain is the other half.

    You want security, you need a deep wallet.

    Get a really heavy HT chain that has a pvc coating and go to a locksmith and buy a decent HT shackled lock that uses an abloy disk cylinder.

    Good protection bloody :)
  3. Bloody good bloody! :LOL:

    Yeah we're probably going to do something like that, but thought we'd have a look around.

    I personally reckon he should by an alarm...but again..he is paying, i'm a bit biased ;)
  4. ...this should keep the Doberman chained up to your bike quite easily.
  5. +1 to Abloy. Tough stuff.
  6. Obviously you are not going to be parkign in Mornington/Mt Martha, we don't lock our bikes up here! But Frankston, yep biggest freaken lock and PVC coated chain. If it is going into a garage then a floor bolt would be a good idea. Oh and leave some water for the doberman. :grin: