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good price vtr or not

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timo66, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. i have been offered a honda 2000 vtr250 with 29.000 on the clock for 5000 bucks.The bike is in good condition but i am thinking this is a lot of money for a bike which is 9 years old.The question is do you think this is a good deal or not.THANKS

  2. Do some research

    Check out same model/prices on places like bikepoint.com.au or bikesales.com.au ... then go with your gut feeling

    Or make a return $ offer and see what happens ... it'll sell to you or it wont
  3. Maybe a bit steep. You can have mine in a couple of months - 2003 with 20,000km, staintune, ventura rack, new tyres, chain and sprockets for $5000-. I paid $5500 12 months ago with 14,000 on the clock.
  4. I recently bought my fine example for $5100. Same year (2000) with 8k on the clock. Hope that puts a comparison on things :)
  5. thats steep. i paid $5500 for a 2006 VTR with a ventura rack. it had been laid down on the side, with scratches to the exhaust, but that was about it. 12000km on it or something. so $500 more than you with almost 20 000km less, 6 years newer, and a tiny bit of damage.

    this is my third VTR btw, they've all been good bargains.

    i'd offer em $4000 and and not go above $4200. otherwise jsut wait for another deal to pop up, you can do much better than that :wink:
  6. You can have mine for $5000. It's a 2007 model. Nothing wrong with it really. Great bike. Reliable. Fun. Looks good in the red with gold rims. Regularly serviced. Only done 90000kms. Has a megacycle exhaust on it. Venture rack. Heated grips. $5k....2007 model = bargain!
    :grin: :LOL:
  7. thats a pretty good effort for a 1-2yr old bike.
  8. Yeah.. holy shit!! Considerable amount of KM's for a lil two fiddy
  9. Comparison: I'm selling my 2006 VTR1000 with Oggy Knobs, Ventura rack, full service history, new chain, CCT's, break pads & tyres ... and never dropped ... granted, 55,000km ... for $6,300.

    VTR250 seem to keep their value, but that's a bit steep ... I'd keep shopping ... just my 2c.
  10. I must have got lucky.

    I paid $5,400 for mine. It's a matt black '04 model and had 1,800ks on the clock.
    Absolutely brand new condition. I am not sure if the previous owner actually rode it at all!

    Just clocked up 5,000ks myself and still looks brand new.
  11. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE maybe i should keep looking around for a better deal.
  12. If you're looking in dealers rather than privately (you didn't say) you would expect to pay a bit more. As has been said, bikesales.com.au is your friend. And yeah, if I was laying down 5 grand I'd want something newer than that.