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Good post-Qride bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rtyuiop, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Hey all,

    Just to warn you all, a definite newbie here. So be afraid of stupid questions...

    Basically, I'm after suggestions for a first bike and any recommendations for QRide providers... For some background, I woke up a few weeks ago and thought I should go and get my bike license... I've had a bike learners on my car license for the last 7 years, but have never bothered to do anything about it.

    I've decided I'll probably never be able to afford to kill myself in a flying accident like I'd want, so will have to settle for doing it in a riding accident :D. But basically will be riding for fun and maybe commuting into the city on occasion.

    I'll be doing Q-Ride, so have some options as to what sort of bike to get. Am looking for something that has a bit more go than a 250... But not so much more I'm likely to kill myself accelerating out of the first corner.

    My tastes lean towards sports tourers, and I don't care if it's naked or faired. Something like a ZZR600, but I'm worried that it's likely to be too quick for a learner. Caught the bike bug as a pillion on a friend's ZZR1100, so maybe I'm biased! Cheap is also important - I'll be keeping the car, so don't want to spend too much. 4 grand or thereabouts is probably about right.

    Thanks for any info!

  2. Welcome to the forum Danny! There's not one of us here with a death wish except Groberts who wants to die like his grandfather. I'm on L's as are many of us & we only learn by asking questions so ask away! What area are you in & we may have someone who can ride with you, the advice I've had from experienced riders riding with me has & still is invaluable!
  3. Ah, forgot to mention that - I'm in Brisbane, southside.

    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Goes without saying if you're asking about Q-Ride. Sadly enough I think you'll have a hard time finding anyone with advice about Q-Ride, most of the people here are Victorians. You should try the OCAU:MC forums for answers on Q-Ride, but us for everything else :p

  5. Welcome to the forums!!!

    As for the q-ride - I don't have a clue. As for the bikes - have you considered fzr's (400's or 600's), some older yzf 600's (pre r6 days) would fit in that price range too - both are decent sports tourers (probably more oriented towards sports). Best thing to do is try them all, then pick the one that suits you best. (and don't forget to factor in the cost of gear)
  6. lol don't worry Danny, I ask enough stupid questions to have you covered :)

    I'm thinking about a ZZR600 when I get off my restrictions is a long long long looooooong looooooooooong time away. Give it a test ride and see how you go. And if you don't want it, I'd happily accept your offer if you want to give it away for free :D
  7. Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!

    I hadn't even thought about the Yamahas for some reason. The YZF looks like a great bike, if I can find one cheap...
  8. welcome ,
    pity your in QLD (miss coffee nights)
    but welcome anyway , and ask away
    no question is ever dumb!
  9. Hey Glen you've finally found the location bit in the profiles Well Done! pmsl!
  10. rtyuiop, I'm Bris south side too.
    As you don't have any (or much) riding experience get a 250. I did q ride and i got a big bike licence but as not to kill myself I got a 250 to learn on. They are more forgiving, and easier to handle that a bigger bike.
    As long as you don't buy one from an importer (big bucks) you won't lose too much when it's time to move on. I got a FZR250 for $2500 grand, it's single seat rego, and with insurance it only costs me $400 a year to have it.

    my messenger is tanya_and_bear@hotmail
    add me if you want i can help you with q ride too
  11. Thanks guys. I'm starting to think a cheap 250 is the way to go - won't lose much money on it over a few months, and I'm no speed demon anyway!

    Is insurance for 250s shocking? I would have thought that all those years of learners riding around on them would have made 'em next to impossible to insure.
  12. Bond is a 1992 CB 250 I'm a fully licenced car driver on my motorcycle L's RACV $20 per mth
  13. depends on how old you are and what rating. Mine is $220 a year, rating 1, over 25 clean driving record. (just haven't been caught :))
    I used Ridesmart to do Q ride helluva lot cheaper than everyone else, and did the job ok. It was $440 to do the 2 day course, and that was in April. Everyone else wanted way too much money.
    If you have bike experience already, it's a lot cheaper.
    Add me to your messenger and if you want to come have a look at my bike, you're more than welcome.
    I live in Springwood
  14. I was thinking of doing the 3 day q-ride with motor cycle riding school.

    They do 2 day courses for $490, also if you have to take longer than 2 days to get everything right they will allow you extra days for free.

    and are on the southside of town, no idea if they are good or bad but they also do bike courses at skid pans and race tracks as well, might be a part of shogan bike shop at springwood they have their signs there as well.


    Try their website has some good info.

    I'll check out this ride smart as well.
  15. I just did an advanced braking and cornering course with the motorcycle riding school you mentioned. It was good to learn how to use the throttle effectively, they know what they're doing. They talked about the same stuff Ridesmart did, just in more detail, and we got to cruise around the Mt Cotton driving training centre.
    What they teach with the q ride bit itself I have no idea. but i do recommend a course, i learnt heaps!
  16. hey, i reckon the SV650 would be PERFECT, but they're a bit exxy still being fairly new. they have good power but the gears are kinda short so you wont be finding yourslef at 160 with the flick of the wrist.

    being on a budget, you're a bit limited, but there is still a bucketload of bikes out there for you. i picked up my 96 YZF600 Thundercat for $4k ride away. absolute ripper of a bike, good power, good handling and has got to be one of the comfiest bikes i've ever sat on.

    if you're not all too fussed with the whole sports riding thing, try something a bit older like a XJR or CB750 or something. those things have enuff power to get you out of trouble, good brakes but are too heavy to be what i'd call "deadly".

    best thing to do is get the Qride over with and then have a bit of a play around. maybe even jumping on a 250 for a couple of months would be a good idea, the sports 250s are quick but very forgiving. sell it for what you paid for it in a few months and get something with a bit more balls :wink:
  17. Good advice Coconuts as a bike too fast can lose you your licence in less than a week so I'm told!
  18. Don`t discount the zzr600, they are an exceptionally good bike, I had a mate who had one and he traded it on a diversion, been kicking himself ever since.
    He now has a 600 Fazer and by all accounts these are very good too.
    I don`t understand why you would worry about the power aspect, the power is controlled by your right hand on the throttle, remember to be gentle and constant with the throttle and all will be well.

    It is far better to go into a corner slow and come out fast than to go in fast and ot come out.

    Good luck with your choice.
  19. I agree with Dave, heard good things about the ZZR600 (even with the ugly rear end! :))
    Coconuts how did u get a Thundercat so cheap? I've been looking but can't find any near that price..
    If you want something slow but dependable a GS500 are a safe bet.. no fairings, nothing exciting but cheap as chips.

  20. I just had to bump this. I hear www.motorcycleridingschool.com.au does have good info :-k :-s