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Good Police

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ResmeN, May 1, 2011.

  1. Last night bag on my back was riding around running a few errands. Approaching a set of traffic lights in a 80 km/h zone doing bit over speed limit, about 15 metres away from the intersection, lights turned orange so I thought I'd accelerate thru. Due to being in 5th gear at the time the bike didn't propel itself as it would have if it was a gear or two below.

    I clearly entered the intersection when it had just turned red. As I'm going thru the intersection I caught in the corner of my eye there is a police car doing a u turn that will soon end up behind me. Checked in my mirrors and they were behind me alright.

    I'm riding along abiding the speed limit and he was inching closer and closer all the while I'm saying weird stuff in my helmet but before I knew it, it was disco time. I pulled over and was taking off my gloves. Took the right glove off while he came beside me. While he was saying this is a random license check I concurrently said sorry as I knew he had seen what had just happened down the road. He got the license didn't even go back in to the car and said thanks while handing it back to me. The whole getting pulled over and taking off ordeal took maybe all up 1-2 minutes and I was actually a bit shocked as in the past it a) never took this little b) usually ends up in an unwanted gift.

    Police pulled out first and went in to his usual hiding spot they do on saturday nights around here and I gave him a wave as I went by, counting my blessings.

    Sometimes myself included say bad things about police but on this occasion I have nothing but positive words for them. Sometimes we feel cops are after us but you sometimes get the good one who uses their jurisdiction power for good. To tell the truth I've come across much nicer & polite police on 2 wheels then I have ever on 4 wheels.

    Good on you buddy.
  2. You still might get something in the mail though. Just be on the lookout
  3. Alright hopefully the crush will end soon. Also do not offer any information that you have done something illegal next time around.
  4. Thank god he didn't find the drugs.
  5. :rofl:
  6. I've had the exact same experience as you Resmen about a month ago, busting through a amber that turned red moto cop in the oppsoite direction seen me and did a u-turn, lights flashing I pulled over and all he said was just a licence check today then off he went.

    I must have good cop karma
  7. Yup, true for allpolice stops actually. Say as little as possible as this will leave you with the most options later on. Police will write down exactly what you say (and if you contest it or are eligible and ask for a freebie it will come up).

    Obviously if they try and ping you with something you didn't do, then its up to you. I would choose to politely disagree with them. Situations such as above are the borderline "I didn't feel it was safe to stop in time" moments.
  8. So you admitted you were speeding/running the light before the cop said anything?

    Might as well of dropped your pants, bent over and said 'i would like to be penetrated'.

    I guess your lucky he wasn't feeling ghey that day!
  9. Hey most of my family are plods or feds..... Your right their carnts. lol
    But if I had to deal with the general public and I had a gun. Scary thoughts.
  10. Hmm will do as that didn't cross my mind. I felt like I was pulled over as a formality so the cages behind saw that I was done for the incident.
    Hehe ok. To tell the truth the cop came next to me and all I said was the word "sorry" while at the same time he said "this is a random license check" before I got to finish my sentence. Then he came back after checking the plate and we both said thank you to oneanother while he handed my license back. So all up I uttered 3 words and didn't make an admission but was more so in shock over the incident.
    Lolll...I quickly ate them all Fat Pizza style.
    Good to hear another + experience. I was counting my good cop karma last night.
  11. Definitely agree and would have normally kept quiet but somehow the word sorry slipt out of my mouth and that was it however I could have also been saying sorry followed by a line such as couldn't hear you, or beg your pardon etc so thankfully I covered myself and having the lid on while this ordeal took place definitely helped.
    Didn't admit to anything other than saying the words sorry then thank you.
    True that.
  12. Sorry is an admission of "wrong doing".
  13. As I said in my previous post I could have followed that with a question so luckily didn't admit to anything and thankfully even if I did in this case wouldnt have mattered.
  14. Some years ago I was pulled over for speeding. I was doing 60 kph in an 80 zone. My real offense was that my girlfriend/pillion was the daughter of a local police Sgt who hated my guts and he had worded up his mates. :LOL:
  15. "The snozberries taste like snozberries"
  16. That law hardly gets policed alongside the keep left unless overtaking one. You unfortunately got the rough end of the stick. Hey I hope it was worth it.
  17. or the guns...
  18. It is good to see that the decision making of the individual police are valid.
    Twice I have been ticketed by police where the officer has "agreed" with me that the ticket is unwarranted - but that they had to issue a ticket as "the car-mounted camera has documented the incident." It is a little insulting to the officer. It says "we don't trust you to distinguish between one offence and a another dangerous offence".
  19. I think it says, "Bring in those dollars or you're f$%^ed". But I will agree generally. I haven't had a bad face-to-face interaction in over a decade. (In Victoria - I did witness one in NSW though).
  20. No it is not.

    In court, if asked why I said sorry in that situation, I would have replied,

    "I was about to say 'Sorry I just farted' when the officer interrupted me."

    The officer and the court can't prove any different, so the word sorry is in no way incriminating by itself. As long as you dont tell them why you are sorry of course.

    I always think the best approach when spoken to by an Officer is to be prepared and say, "Good morning/afternoon/evening Officer". If that is what you always say, and you have thought about it before hand, you won't blurt out something incriminating. I learned this habit as a young man after answering "No" when asked by an Officer if there was any reason that I was speeding, then immediately realising I had admitted speeding.

    Okay, I was speeding, by a small amount, at 2 am, on the only section of fog free, empty road I had seem during a one hour drive home from work to home on a pea soup foggy night, where the officer had illegally placed the tapes across the road at the bottom of a hill. I came out of the fog at 20 Km/h and rolled down the hill, getting up to 72 km/h without noticing. I was very tired after working an eighteen hour day.

    Never again. I just greet them and wait, although I do try to read their name and use it to greet them as well. Learn from my experience.