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Good places to work on cornering?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bogus69, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Well, I've been riding for about 1 month now and feel the need to work on my cornering.
    For some reason I feel more protective of my own bike that I did with the HART one. ;) so when cornering I find it a challange to look thru the corner like I should.

    When I do manage it, the corner feels 10 times better - So I know what I need to do!

    What I am looking for is some suggestions for where to practice cornering.
    -a circuit that will allow me multiple passes at the same corner.
    -somewhere where I won't p1ss too many motorists off
    -not too much traffic.

    I have gone around Albert park a few times and that would be perfect if it wasn't for the low speed limit, crawling cars, and cops with radar gun. :p

  2. Where are you in Melbourne?

    On the East side, there is the Mountain Highway.
  3. Closer to town the Yarra Boulevard. Kew Fairfield. Prolly during the week as opposed to weekends.
  4. Yarra Boulevard (Kew). Yeah, I know it's been ruined, and there ARE occasional radar traps, but still OK for a learner at sensible speeds. Just do a check run first. Some challenging (tightening radius) bends, too.
  5. Superbike school is ace.
  6. Yes I agree, up in Mt. Dandenong on the Mountain Hwy. It's not fantastically fun with long sweeping corners, but there many 90deg turns with reasonable corner radius. Great practice just leaning as low as you can. No hairpins mind you.
  7. This is going to sound really stupid (except for a few of us :wink: ), but if you are so inclined, start horse riding lessons :shock: .When I first started riding bikes, I could not get over the very similar concepts between the two different suppliers of horse power.

    When riding a horse, if you look where you're going the horse will follow direction of your head and shoulders (usually, except if you had a pig like I did for a while :p ).

    Otherwise, my best suggestion is to do any corners you can whenever you can. Go into a large empty carpark and do figure eights as tight as you can or ride in circles around a tree or traffic island in the carpark. Just be aware you can do more damage than good if you go around in so many same-direction circles that you get dizzy :p . Or take the long way to places with lots of corners. Even normal street intersection corners will give you practice. If it helps, talk to yourself...'look through the corner, look through the corner'....sounds silly, but I talk to myself, especially on the Reefton....'relax Lil, relax Lil'....

    :D :D :D
  8. or ride a BMW for a similar equestrian experience :LOL:
  9. I'm in Carlton North but in the weekend getting to other places is no problem.

    Mountain hwy you say? Will that be full of other bikers tearing it up?

    Yarra blvd sounds like it might be OK. I will give that a go this weekend.

    As for the superbike school, hmmmm.
    Do you need leathers? cos I aint got none.
  10. Yes you do. And that should read "Because I don't have any." ;)
  11. You do, and they hire them for a modest fee ($25 I think, $50 if you want the lot - helmet, gloves, leathers & boots).
  12. These are a couple that I like on my daily commute:

    Batman Avenue tollroad heading South. A couple of nice, easy corners on a good road for some confidence building. Start at the posted speed limit and ease your way up to 80. Hope and pray there are no coppers around. If you're really lucky you'll get a run of green lights.

    West Gate Fwy -> Tullamarine Fwy Onramp. Ascending 270 wide corner with poor camber. Scary as hell the first time but good for building your technique and confidence. It's not the angle that's a problem, it's keeping your lean for the whole 270 degrees! Oh, and it decreases in radius ever so slightly just at the end. Beware of wind and trucks.
  13. In my recent experience, there seemed to be less motorcyclists on the road than in Summer. Mountain Hwy does attract a few cyclists, but they are relatively easy to over take. :)
  14. A good place to practice riding techniques are the roads in a new housing estate (preferably one without houses).
    You get great visibility, relatively safe, no cars, houses, kids etc. You can emergency brake, swerve, corner, figure 8, slow ride etc to your hearts content.

    I'm out Werribee way and a good new estate to do this is "Bluestone Green". Roads just made, only a couple of house frames up.

    Just do a few slows runs firstly to make sure there isn't dirt/mud in the corners.
  15. I guess you have the option to jump on the Eastern Freeway, get off at Springvale Road and head (left) up towards Warrandyte and then Kangaroo Ground. There are various nice twisty roads that you can take from there.
    I often head up the St Andrews - Kinglake Rd. Some call it the Benchmark. Its got lots of corners. But, unfortunately, not much in the way of run off areas. Prolly need to take it nice and easy if you are learning.
  16. Without a doubt I would recommend heading out to an industrial estate on a Sunday. No matter where you live there should be one only a short drive away. This is similar to the advice of going to a new housing estate, which can also be good but generally these have a lot of dirt on the roads from the construction that goes on. Industrial parks are for the most part empty on Sundays and are usually well built and wide to cater for trucks etc. Forget practicing on highways or twisty roads as you have all these other distractions around you and will only achieve a fraction of improvement with each ride. Plus if you screw up, you can pretty much be assured that there won't be car behind you or in the lane next to you.
    You've got the right idea of doing the same corner repeatedly, this way you can gauge the difference in bike feel when trying to correct your body position, brake and throttle control. Spend a few Sundays at one of these and you'll be ripping past people in the corners on your next ride out.
  17. Brian , wheres the new bluestone greens estate ? Sounds like a good place to wear the new treads in.
  18. I guarantee you that the best place to learn cornering is Arthur Seat near dromana. I started not knowing how to ride fast around corners and a few weeks riding up and down arthur seat changed all that. Best time to go there is durnig the week when there is less traffic. On weekends there is always a group of people there to chat to. It's awesome!