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Good places to ride to in SA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LordRaaaaaawAlot, May 7, 2013.

  1. im new to riding and want to know where people like to ride to in SA as me and my mates want to go on weekly weekend rides.
    any ideas?

  2. Get a map and just go, are you north, south east or west?
  3. The border

    ...and keep going
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  4. north
  5. You idiot.
  6. Heaps of good roads. Adelaide Hills(Lofty Ranges), Barrosa, Coonawarra, Wilpena, Fleurieu Peninsula, up the Sturt to Coober Pedy. If your into dirt go up the Flinders Ranges or (after getting good advice and some experience) the Birdsville Track. Young man, the possibilities are endless.

    Nice thing about SA is that within a relatively short distance there is some good food and wine at the end of a great day in the saddle.
    As a last resort buy a Hema Motorcycle Atlas (plus 200 best rides). It showed me some good rides in SA.
    Cheers. :riding:
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  7. Chain of ponds, Adelaide - lobethal Rd, corkscrew, bull creek. Pretty much just head for the hills from Eliz and you are set. Wouldnt bother with Gawler/williamstown until you have a bigger bike as most of the roads around there are 100 kp/h with 60-80k corners, so you wont have much fun unless you are just looking for a cruise
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  8. Try this one maybe.
    Go across to Kersbrook, chain of ponds but go left towards Birdwood, Mt Pleasant, Mt Torrens, Nairne, Callington, via the old Pacific Hwy to Murray Bridge for lunch. Up to Mannum then take some of the roads back you didn't use before.
    As has been said, get a good map, you need to explore, my man.
    Most importantly ignore smart arse comments from Vicorians, we try and keep our roads to ourselves if possible :)
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  9. We really should organise a ride. Had a good one today although bull creek has been ruined. Glad I got to experience it at close to $2 back in my early days :D probably why it's 80kph now
  10. Glad to hear it, yes it's old buggers speed now, probably just as well, want to watch my grand kids grow up. It's all your fault Devil.
  11. thanks guys you have been very helpful :)
  12. Completed a very adhoc ride to Adelaide recently, from Melbourne.
    Used to live in Adelaide with a former employer, so this trip was about reacquainting myself with my past...

    Now whilst I'm not advocating Adelaide -> Melbourne (there are a few different routes to choose from), I found the road from Adelaide -> Kingston SE (coastal) quite enjoyable. Not many vehicles, fast sweepers and a great aura, with the ocean not in sight but teasing, to the right in the distance.
    I pulled into Meningie for a quick stretch/bite and parked near the town's jetty/pier for a quick pic. I continued my ride and concluded that afternoon in Mt Gambier, where my last 'job' with that former employer originated.
    The 3rd (last) day of my ride was from Mt Gambier -> Melbourne. Another great road which I promised myself I had to return for was the road to Casterton...and I wasn't surprised in the least, after seeing no boys in blue inside SA, to be met by HWP just over the border into VIC....

    I can't recall reading it in the above posts, but if you wish to discover the great riding roads in your state ( also Australia-wide) grab yourself a copy of the HEMA Motorcycle Atlas, either online or from a motorcycle store. You'll be glad you did.

    Happy, safe riding.