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Good places to get riding gear in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by The Land of Smeg, May 10, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    I want to start riding, I have not ridden before, and before I have my first riding lesson, obviously I am going to need some gear to keep me protected. In particular I don't have a jacket that is suitable for riding.

    What stores would you recommend going to, to try on some gear. I would like to buy from a store that is not too expensive and have fair prices.

    Thanks guys,
  2. I did my L's at HART and they provided all the gear. its only the more advanced courses you need your own. They give advice on gear at the learners courses that is a bit more objective than a salesmans.
  3. I've always found AMX in Keilor very good. Limited range, but if you can find what you want & pay cash, you'll be laughing.
  4. Another vote for AMX here, they'll have what you want at resonable
  5. Check out the Spokes website (www.spokes.com.au) or click here for their pdf (1.6 M8)

    Pretty cool pdf which shows retail shops by region also!
  6. Hey Simon, where do you live? How far do you want to travel to get gear?

    To try stuff on most bike shops sell gear and will let you try stuff on so you get an idea of what you like and what size you are.

    AMX have a huge range and a lot of good prices including $20 off Draggins and Hornee Jeans etc.
    They're at 477 Dorset Rd, Bayswater and 8/31 Keilor Park Dve, Keilor Park

    BIKEBIZ have an online store and usually have some good specials and clearance items but you need to know what you like and what size etc.
  7. your computer in your house connected to the internet.
    go and try sizes on at your local motorbike shops, peter stevens etc.
    find what you like, note the size that was best, and jump on the net and buy.
    have a look at australian online stores but there is a 99% chance you will save money buying from usa and overseas, and there is a lot to be saved.
  8. But is this still the case with the aussie dollar...?? :roll:
  9. Bikemart in Ringwood will always take good care of u, and the prices are damn good.
    Brighton Kawasaki have always done me well too.
  10. +1 for AMX in keilor they are good value ive when ever i go to get gear i go their first
  11. and then biatch when your local shop closes :roll:

    support your local bike shop mate.. you may pay an extra $20 or so.. but you are buying into a relationship.. support your local bike shops.. they will be there for you one day when you need that tow.. or tyre fitted late on Friday arvo.. worth more than the small saving you'll make taking your dollars overseas.. keep aussies in jobs I say
  12. +1 for BikeMart in Ringwood.

    They were very helpful when I was starting out... no pressure sales pitches... and helped me make some good decisions.
  13. What about Dainese... I don't really want to support PS but I barely know of anyone else that sells it... and their website is shite for getting details of stockists...
  14. I buy some of my gear from Star Rider in Ormond (North Road near Grange). Everything I have bought is of high quality and has been reasonably priced. It is also a local business so I know my money goes straight into production of new gear.

    They are also open on the weekends from about mid morning until evening I believe.
  15. +1 for AMX in keilor rd
    if you want to travel a bit BIKES GEAR AUSTRALIA in phillip island are awesome carbon knuckled gloves $60 kevlar jeans $150 and no their not the shitty ones that have just kevlar knees these have more kevlar than draggins but not quite as much as hornees. got my boots from there for $140 saw a pair very similar by RJays at AMX for $260

    but at the same time dont go into your learner with all the gear you'll be the only one and look like a tosser
    they provide helmet and gloves thats all you really need when your not going faster than 20k
    get your gear when you get a bike
  16. As mentioned,


    Have alot of cheap "casual" bike gear, not quite as good as the expensive stuff, but for the considerable savings and if you are not barreling through mountains with your a$$ on fire it's good stuff. Friendly helpful staff there too.
  17. +1 AMX in Keilor. Ben from there kitted me out in a full set of gear, and was very patient and helpful.

    I would wait till after your L's though (which I did). Most good training company's have gear you can use for you L's and will give ou advice on what to look for when you buy. Hart (where I did my L's) had gear for me to use, and had a whole session as part of the 2 day course dedicated to discussing gear selection.
  18. +1 for AMX keilor, just got kitted out there today and they were very helpful with answering all my newbie questions. they took the time to ask about how i was intending to ride and gave sensible recommendations to the type of gear.

    i didnt get a huge discount but i've always been a shite haggler