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good place to get kawasaki serviced (melb)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ibanezboy21, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. anyone know a good place to get my zx-6r serviced?
    somewhere close to me (east- south east surburbs)

    maybe somewhere in ringwood?

    no peter stevens thanks :)
  2. Try Dynoverks
    2/62 Wadhurst Drive Boronia

    Dean has done all my servicing and is always helpful and very patient with my questions.

    =D> Top guys who love all sorts of bikes
  3. I took the zx14 to frank @ brighton kawasaki...... wouldnt let anyone else touch her

    I wouldnt bother with sharptune in dandenong...... (pm me if you want to know why)

    not near ringwood, true, but they do do loaner bikes.....

  4. yeah every forum recommended that place, will definitely go there for for my next service (too far from me)
  5. 60 degrees in notting hill
  6. Hope you meant to type "not too far from me" as they are only 20 odd min downs to road if using eastlink to get to.:-s
  7. pffft who uses eastlink :)

    going with in-tune atm, got the cheapest quote from them.