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good place to get first service (ninja 250r)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ibanezboy21, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. anyone know a good place to get my 2008 ninja 250r serviced?

    i got a 10% discount voucher off peter stevens but i heard they do a dodgy job.
  2. i was always told if you don't have something positive to say. dont say anything.......

  3. the old 1300 kawasaki (now PS) in ferntreegully aren't bad. had some problems with them sorting out an intermittently misfunctioning temperature sensor but for straight stuff they seem OK.
    plan to use brett harrington from now on
  4. Honestly, while i've found the mechanics to be pretty okay, the head mechanic is a bit of an arsehole.
  5. You talking about stewy or vic?
  6. I think he's talking about the oldish guy with specs and a beard.
  7. anyone else?

    gonna be calling up a few places sometime next week.
  8. Thats vince. Hes ok once you get to know him. But totally understand why one would think he is a grump. Stewy is the bloke to speak to there. Knows his shit. Straight down the line kinda guy.
  9. madbiker is good.
  10. why does madbiker get edited? its his business name

    mad biker with no space