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Good place to buy riding gear?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by denver, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Hi - I'm looking for a good place to buy riding gear. I know of Peter Steaven in Melbourne Victoria. Is there somewhere I can buy gear for cheaper? Like a Dainese DELMAR jacket is $1099.00 at PS. Is that a good price? Please help!

  2. Hi there lovely to meet you
  3. hi there,

    haha so little intro.

    but still heres the answer, have a look at the website or overseas online store, take advantage on the strong AUD. u'd be surprised on how much you save.

    say 40% saving?
  4. Let me the 1st to HIGHLY recommend Bike Mart in Ringwood. Brian Fullard the boss man there is a TOP bloke!

    He's more than willing to teach, recommend and advice even if you're just browsing thru.

    Bought a jacket there only 2 weeks back, fantastic service. Will definitely do ALL my bike gear shopping there. Even got a pointer where to go for leather alterations from Brian. Wish they sold bikes as well!

    Oh, and mention this forum and you may come away with an even better discount.
  5. can you suggest some sites please??
  6. I would personally suggest not buying any protective items over the internet.

    Diffrent makes have diffrent cuts.

    and you should think of it liek this, in a car you have air bags, on a bike you only have what your wearing, dont go budget on the clothing, its crazy!
  7. Id google a seller, Alpinestars seems to be quite good?