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Good place to buy a Hyosung near Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by indy_rider, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Hi All,
    I am new when it comes to motorcycles and thinking of getting a Hyosung 250 GTR :grin: . It looks like PeterStevens is the main dealer selling these and I havent read anything good about them :( . Any alternatives you guyz might know of ?

    I will also be interested in buying a used learners bike in good condition :grin:.

  2. Go the used route, the depreciation on new Hyosungs will be killer.
  3. Peter stevens is pretty much the only ones now... Try Staffords in Heidelberg, but dont pay anymore for it new than 6800 + free first service. Try Peter Stevens in Dandenong ask for Mick Lanyon (decent bloke) one of the few @ peter stevens.
    I bought new and honestly, wouldn't buy a 2nd hand. They're cheap, reliable (so far) and any small probs have been fixed by warranty withing a VERY VERY short time. (issues were very minor)
  4. Have heard reports that the dealer in Bendigo is quite good - might be a bit too far to go for a bike though.
  5. Got mine at Peter Stevens, actually went to Dandenong to buy it from Sharp Tune and they told me we stopped selling them now, buy a Kawasaki.

    I had been in there about 7 times and once a week before and they had always recomended the Hyosung.

    So walked 50 metres down the road and negotiated a bit and paid $6,200 on the road. GT250 not GT250R.
  6. The reason why Hyonsungs are now just @ Peter Stevens is because they one the dealership rights :( not impressed... they suck
  7. This subject has been discussed numerous times in various threads about Hyosung and the GT250/GT250R

    Do a search before you start a new thread.
  8. Is $6800 the recommended onroad price for a new G250 R ? I tried going the used route, but couldnt find any hyosung.

  9. Hey indy_ryder,

    May find if you look on bikepoint.com.au and do a search for new bikes it will give an indication of price of new one.

    What OutbreakMonkey means is go the tried an true route, by purchasing a used but known reputable make. ie Hyosung motorcyles have only been sold in Australia for last couple years, and are bit of an unknown quantity as far as resale value and reliability goes as they are not yet an established brand.

    From what reports I've heard off other people with Hyosung most have been good, they have a marked it down a little for finnishing touches ie paint job etc, but they are quite a cheap motorcycle new thus the compromise. I hope that made sense.
  10. Peter Steven in Geelong has a 2nd hand GT250R for about $5500 I think. Give them a call? I just got a 2nd hand Gt250 from them in Melb' and they were good to deal with. Good to get a 2002 bike with 12k on the dial for WAY less than those vintage CBRR honda that are being flogged everywhere with heaps more K's. Quite happy with my bike (for a 250).
  11. You are right! I just searched the forum and found plenty of information related to the GT 250R. I probably missed the search icon, given my high screen resoution :grin:

    THanks everyone for replying to my thread, it was really helpful . :)
  13. 7390 is the RRP, ask for 6800+1st service