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good place/site to buy cheap visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibanezboy21, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. anyone know a good website/shop that sell them cheap?
    im after a tinted one for my shoei tz-r

  2. so i should check out ebay usa?

    what tints are there, that seems a bit too dark
  3. Thats the dark smoke tint, I have one the same shade, its perfect.
    The same guy is also selling a light smoke tint as well, I also saw an iridium one in gold as well.
  4. thanks man i should prob check out ebay before i make these threads..
  5. ok after doing a bit a researching, apparently theres alot of american sites that sell them at a similar price lol

    anyone know a good one, (first time buyin gear overseas)

    i decided to get the dark smoke one since alot of people prefer that over the light smoke one.
  6. I bought a helmet & visor from www.ridersdiscount.com They were very good with prompt delivery at a flat fee - $40 I think. If there is more interest I may want to order a jacket & share the delivery fee between a number of us?
  7. I have always been dubious of buying clothes online... how can you be sure they will fit as sizes often vary from maker to maker..... Or is that only a problem for fat bastards like me
  8. i have the same concern.

    so... the best thing to do is to go to a store, try on the bit of kit you're after & find the right size from fitting.

    then, go online and buy it cheap!
  9. when you buy your gear online, they usually give you the chaist/waist/arm measurements i think

    anyways back to visors :p

    most are bout $50-60 including post, should i dish out an extra $20-30 and get one here with the AS sticker?