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Good place in South Eastern suburbs to take my CBR250RR?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by AdamRR, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Hi I just got a CBR250RR and I need to find a reliable place to get it serviced.

    I get completely screwed by every car mechanic under the sun and was hoping to avoid this with my bike. (Ultra-tune left a bloody spanner in my engine when they returned my car).

    I looked up the Honda Chapter list and it showed Jeffrey Honda as a service centre close by but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them or can recommend somewhere better that's not to far to ride.

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  3. Pete's Pitstop
    Narre Warren
    9799 0531

    I to have been fleeced by many bike mechanics and now ride from Sth Yarra to here for everything. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    PS. Get it on the dyno while you're there
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  5. Thanks a lot guys, I am in Clayton South so Morrabbin is looking good.

    Will have to give Jeffrey's Honda a call and cancel :)
  6. Hey, you got a free spanner. Don't knock it :)
  7. Does Petes Pitstop do RWC? (or any others in that area?)
  8. Petes Pitstop is a good place. I'v had all
    my work done there, including dyno (ECU) & servicing.
    Works on his own, so only one person to blame if there's
    a spanner left in the motor.
  9. lol that would suck working on your own, you cant pass the blame to your co workers :cry:
  10. Booked in with Performance Bikes & Watercraft and the guy sounded pretty nice. Took the time to tell me how they worked and stuff. Will let you know how the service goes.
  11. Thanks for referring me to PB&W Undii, they were brilliant.

    My bike is running very nice, but the service I got from Frank was better than any experience I've had getting something fixed ever.

    He explained everything that needed doing, demonstrated how I check for these things myself. Showed me how to use the tool to check the rotor width etc.

    I cannot recommend them highly enough.
  12. Awesome stuff to hear! :)

    I'm taking my bike in tomorrow.
  13. Well the guy(s) are everything that have been mentioned here on netrider. Fantastic people to deal with, seem straight out honest. We spoke for ages in regards to the bike, mechanical stuff with it, tyres + brakes. Nice nice people. Definitely going to make them the people I see every time I need anything done with my bike. Plus the bike is running that much better... :D
  14. Just picked up my bike after it's second visit to Performance Bikes. Dealt with both Mick and Frank this time round, as usual they were great. Every time I ride home from there the bike just feels awesome, like a finely tuned machine running as it should.

    Because I need my roadworthy certificate I had to get the front rotors replaced and replace the chain and sprocket and front brake lever. This ended up being around $900 and completely cleaned me out. :x

    After a bit of discounting and netrider discount on top of that Mick was nice enough to let me pay the remaining $150 next week.

    When I look for a suburb to buy my house I think i'm going to have to take into consideration travel time to Performance Bikes so that I can keep this mechanic, absolutely wrapped why can't I find a car mechanic like that? :roll:

    A few minutes down the road I realised I had my wallet in my back pocket still so I had to pull over and shift it and then I see Frank pull over on his way home to see if everything is alright. Top blokes! :)
  15. Both Mich and Frank are awesome, i've known Mich for about 6 years now from when he was still working at BTX. Always been a very honest bloke. He's always sorted my bikes out whenever i've had issues with them, does top work and is much cheaper than most other places.
  16. Did a black spur run Saturday and my bike performed awesome, ran so smooth, had power when i needed it, just felt fantastic.
  17. What else can you say? These guys ROCK :)
  18. I'm taking my bike to Mike at Moorabbin Performance etc this Friday. Shall do a thread update then.

    Time for that 12,000km service!
  19. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    that's where my baby in bits is .......