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Good place for dyno run?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by didierkasjan, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hey,
    does anyone know a good and well priced place to get a dyno run in melbourne?
    Im new to modding my bikes and want to start with the exhaust, so I hope the following makes sense.

    I will need to get a run after I install new exhaust and PC3 for a 2009 CBR1000RR and will need them to re jet bike to suit new exhaust.

    Also what is expected cost?


  2. Give www.dynoverks.com.au a call. Dean is the man and i highly recommend him. They can do a PCIII and custom map for about $750 i reckon. No such thing as rejetting on fuel injected bikes. The Dynojet Dyno just writes a new map to the PCIII and sets the air fuel mixtures itself.
  3. Tristan from Redline performance in Hammond rd, Dandenong is good. He's usually flat out doing service work but he knows his stuff.
  4. Thanks mate, I'll give them a buzz, just checked out their website.

    And thanks for correcting me, I knew that it wasn't rejetting but I didn't know what its called for fuel injected bikes so just said that hoping someone like you would understand.

    Thanks again
  5. For future reference, it is called "remapping".

  6. Not a problem at all.. Let us know how you go.. :twisted:
  7. Yeah give Dynverks a go. Did a great job when I had my ZX12R. Only place that could remap it for a reasonable price. Difference was amazing!
  8. Just out of curiosity guys...

    With the power commanders and remapping, how does it manage to squeeze more power out of an engine already designed for optimal performance without compromising engine longevity?

    I understand on cars that aftermarket ecu's are used to control timing and air/fuel mixtures (along with other things), but they are used in conjuction with other mods. (Ie full exhausts, turbo upgrades etc.)

    If it's been covered a million times I'm sorry! Just a noob to bikes and willing to learn!!
  9. Short simple answer is that stock engines are not optimised for performance - they have to compromise for legal emissions/noise requirements, design and manufacturing standards, as well as longevity/reliability and to a lesser extent efficiency requirements. Most production bikes are also standard tuned for varying degrees of 'road friendliness' rather than max power outputs, which happen right at the top of the rev range, where you don't often go on the road.

    Aftermarket mapping can pick and choose priorities from the above that might be different from the manufacturer.
  10. after speaking to Dean at dynoverks today, a ride in/ride out PC3 + install + tune is around the $850 mark.