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Good Peter Stevens story

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by friction, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Peter Stevens gets a hard time on this forum, but I dropped off my insurance repair job on Tuesday late afternoon, and it was ready Friday morning. No hassles, work done properly, no complaints. Getting the insurance assessor from QBE wasn't the easiest thing but it worked out in the end.

  2. What kind of bike, what was wrong with it & have you ridden it since? :)
  3. GSX650F, repaired by Dandenong Peter Stevens, yeah I've done maybe 130km on it since the repairs and it's been fine - not that there was frame damage or anything anyway so I wouldn't expect it to feel any different.
  4. yeah, but they're pretty good at Dandy.
    not so good at other notorious branches.

    besides, Dandenong is a fun place to hang out whilst your bike is being worked on.
    you can go over to the park accross the road and hang out with the junkies and funny homeless people.
    or you can spend the day visiting the sites, like the bridge the sudes throw people off at night...
    or you could just cruise the main strip for cheap drugs and asian hookers.. strike up a cultural debate with that group of young lebanese boys and have a fun game of hide and seek through the streets.
    browse the pawn shops for electrical goods so cheap it's a steal...
    or just relax and get a massage with a happy ending; and perhaps take in a tour of the corrupt cop shop .
  5. monkeynuts you almost had dandenong downpat except for substitute lebanese boys as they are all in newport or altona or the northern suburbs for Sudanese boys.
  6. Dandenong here I come!
  7. Maybe we should organize a shopping night at PS Dandy?
  8. With blackjack, and hookers! In fact forget the shopping!