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QLD Good personal injury Lawyers in SE QLD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bretto61, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. OK so I had a little off. Bit of an understatement lol
    Other party fully to blame and has admitted that. They are all insured and covered.
    Now it's time to go through all the crap of getting the money back on expenses. Doc's and wages and other bills. I am having to pay someone to do my work for me. It happened at work but I am a contractor.
    So has anyone been cleaned up at work and been a contractor and used a personal injury lawyer that they would recommend ????

  2. sic 'em, bretto... :demon:
  3. Thanks for that. I emailed five yesterday I hunted down on the net.
    Only one replied. And a partner at a law firm that specializes in exactly this. He was happy as. Open and shut case. Other guys Insurance has admitted full liability. And third party same as his comprehensive.
  4. Shine lawyers - this is what they do. They are a very competent and aggresive personal injury lawyer.

    I have no commercial relationship with them, purely based on the experience of someone I know.
  5. Watch them admit full liability but know squirm and wriggle on the extent and quality of liability :|
  6. Personally that doesnt mean crap - I have engaged two lawyers for my mothers PI in the past

    first one screwed the case up ( let the time frame for claim pass )

    got the second to sue the first for negligence or try to run the PI case - they also screwed up ( they didnt intrroduce new evidence within 12 months of knowing about it which could have given an extension of time for the PI case )

    had to get Slater and Gorden to sue the first two for professional negligence

    took me 12 years but ass ****ed two law firms good and proper eventually

    go with a big national law firm - these small pissant locals are a waste of time