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NSW Good or Bad research?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Grey Gentry, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Mount 400 cameras on volunteer bikes to see what Drivers are really up to would be more accurate.
  2. If they publish the raw data then we can critically analyse it, the past experience is though that they do not publish the raw data just a subset to prove their particular mindset. Oranges are round and orange so therefore we will be targeting apples. If the data proves that distraction is the major cause and speed has very little to do with it it is a significant hit to revenue streams. You can't have a distraction camera, unless of course you have a box with a suitably shapely lady or man whatever your preference who pops out nude and a camera measures your distraction.
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  3. regardless of the results of any driving study, everyone will find flaws in it or completely dismiss the whole shebang as a government compsiracy :D
  4. Surely the section bias basically nullifies the results here.
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  5. So wait! They put a camera on me in my car and I still use the phone, ignore speed and stop signs, and drive totally normally? Yeah right. Research like this is rooted from the start.
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  6. If I'm reading that right , and If your the type ! to volunteer to have a camara in your car monitoring your every move .your not going to be taking any risks or breaking any laws . Sounds like a pointless idea .
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  7. The problem with what you guys have just said is that it would imply that the experiment is flawed. It couldn't be otherwise the experimenters would never get grant money.
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  8. Agree. The documented scope of the study will have already planted the seed for a certain way of thinking. It is rare to get perfectly unbiased objective research because of the human factor. Researchers like to get paid for their work and therefore often it is in their interests to bend to the suggested hypothesis. To do otherwise often sees good research buried and the researchers may find themselves short of work in the future. Unless is it purely quantitative because you can't argue with numbers.
  9. You haven't talked to any politicians lately, have you? ;)
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  10. fukkem
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  11. Oh dear....that's a whole other conversation! Don't get me started. :D
  12. "Wall likens the study to reality TV programs such as "Big Brother"."

    Any other Orwell fans laugh when they read this?
  13. I reckon Ogden has hacked smee's account.
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  14. I think I'm seeing a trend here.
  15. He's in some kind of a trance. Someone needs to start a nodding thread to snap him out of it.
  16. I think we should all apply and then drive like absolute mongrels throughout the study. Speed at every opportunity

    That way they will be able to prove that speeding does not actually kill.
  17. If they really want oto see how much attention drivers are paying to driving and whether or not they get distracted, it might be better for the researchers to strap a few cameras onto bikes.
  18. If they really want to see how much attention drivers are paying to driving and whether or not they get distracted, it might be better to strap a few researchers onto bikes.

    More betta!
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