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Good (or bad) cust service shopping for gear/parts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. I'm interested in hearing about good and bad customer service experiences that people have had while shopping for riding gear and parts/accessories (in store, not online). It's also not necessary to name names, I just want to know what it is you liked or disliked from sales staff.

    I may have an opportunity to work in parts and accessories sales so I thought I'd see what people had to say on the subject based on their own personal experiences.
  2. aww here we go...
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  3. btw- good luck deadsy.
    my advice would be to know your product, be friendly and honest and you should nail it.
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  4. Bike Mart in Ringwood were very helpful with parts. Were good to talk about things such noise in helmets, differences between faired and un faired etc. Offered to take parts back if they were wrong. I am a customer and have no allegiance.
  5. I go to two places.
    One for all my bike servicing,mods and tyres etc.
    Another for all my riding gear.
    Both places are independently owned and operated.

    Because I get very personalised service.
    I get advice and feedback from the individual who will be working on my bike.
    I have never had to take my bike(s) back after any work done but if I did I have confidence any problems would be sorted out friendly and professionally.
    I'm more than 'just another bike'
    I get follow up contact. Basically once I am out the door I am not forgotten.
    When it comes to gear.
    I get to try it on. If anything isn't quite right then exchanging isn't an issue.

    I know I could do both cheaper by 'shopping around' or 'shopping online' but for me peace of mind that my bike has been looked after and my gear is suitable for my needs Is worth the extra coin.

    I support these two businesses over the 'majors' because I get brilliant customer service, advice, tips and more. I haven't experienced this when dealing with the 'majors'
  6. personally, when looking at or buying anything, i will shop around (usually due to sizings that are available or ranges) but i will go back to the store that actually helped, and had some idea of what they were selling, even if it does cost a little more.

    please also note, i will go online if the prices are substantially different, but i will keep the place in mind for future shopping.

    so... know your product
    if you dont know your product, go find out, dont BS
    and most importantly ATFQ
  7. When shopping for jackets in one particular store the staff are great.
    I wanted a particular style in a particular colour so they fitted me up in the wrong colour then ordered the right one and one smaller and one larger.
    They explained that there are always variations and it was no problem for them.
    One of the advantages of being in a chain but also great that they wanted it done right the first time.
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  8. Don't stereotype people based on their Colour, gender or appearance!! I am so sick of some bike shop sales people refusing to even look at you like the money you hold is disease ridden or like you are just going to waste their time!!

    I have walked out of a popular city gear shop with a few grand I was planning to spend there still in my pocket even though they had everything I wanted, only coz I got sick of begging sales people to help me a little and still not getting assisted. On the second go I gave them, not only did I wait over an hour for sales staff's 'just one second' to tell me if they had my size, when I decided to walk out, had one of them yell for me to stop at the door and "thoroughly" search my bag and pockets.

    On the other hand have actually bought gear I didn't really need from shops where the guys were so helpful (even after I told them I was only looking) because they not only eagerly answered all my questions but even let/helped/encouraged me try a lot of stuff on etc.

    Just be nice to people, its not that hard!!
  9. They actually physically searched your bag and pockets themselves?

    Unless the store has a notice at the door, they can't make you show them anything. And even so if they detain you, and you haven't done anything wrong, when police show up it can backfire on them.

  10. You will be surprised what small things like being a wrong colour or gender in the right places can work out for you mate. I was physically stopped and a security guard was there (must have called him over earlier) and I had to show the every nook n cranny in my backpack n show that there were nothing in my pockets. I was furious, but since I have worked with "customer service", "security" and seen how the police behave when they get on scene... things never work out well for the poor angry dick who thought he had rights!!

    As for a sign? You really think they did not have the standard "management has the right.... " think not stuck somewhere??

    I just love going to PS in the city... don't you?? :finger: :ROFLMAO:
  11. I haven't had good experience with their sales staff either. They keep on trying to ignore me, and I don't think it's because of my colour. I certainly do not look like a wealth person though and I am just a girl (why would a girl want to buy something in a bike store?!). I only go there for parts, the blokes in the parts area are always very helpful and friendly. Even explained me how to do things myself (without having to ask about it!) instead of sending me to their workshop.

    One salesperson there really annoyed me once: I needed some oil and also wanted to look for something in the store. The oil I grabbed right away as I knew what I wanted and had it put behind the counter so I didn't have to carry it around with me. One of the sales people then reluctantly 'helped' me (he couldn't pretend to be busy as there were several of them standing around, picking their noses). He was pretty unsuccessfull with selling me anything as he didn't know anything about the product I was interested in, so I said thank you and goodbye to him and went to the counter to pay for my oil. That made him step behind me again and tell the cashier to put the oil onto his account... as if he was the one who made me buy that oil :rolleyes:
  12. Are they assuming you can and did read that notice before entering the store? Some say that it's a condition of entry that your bags will be inspected on leaving. BS. Last time I was asked to let them search my bags, my reply was "no you can't" and I kept walking, unchallenged.
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  13. Last year at the age of 21, I walked into Ducati City and waited 30 minutes to have a salesman come and talk to me, little did he know I was ready right there to buy a brand new Ducati with cash.

    He was lucky I was deadset on a duke otherwise I would've walked away within 5 minutes. Next time I go for a duke it will be private sale and not through that arrogant p***k

    Customer service wise, provide as much assistance as possible, do not stereotype, know your product and always do it with a smile.
  14. According to an associate of mine, they cannot check bags if you refuse to.
  15. And if you don't refuse, I believe they still have no right to physically search either bag or person. I think you have to open the bag etc for them to 'view' only. This has been the case at PI when checking bags, and other stores.

    .. after physical search of bag, then check yourself and ask them where the diamond ring in the bag has gone! Watch their faces then;)
  16. I like to play the political correct card, only because of their reactions, like they are accusing me of stealing straight away because I'm a bikie and such, hearing them try and put a sentence together and then telling them you're just pulling their leg lol
  17. Oh yeah, been there and from a salesman who initially said he was busy while all he did was chat to another staff for 30 mins! I told the girl at the counter I wouldn't pay for it if that unhelpful git got the credit!! Lol

    It's also fun to see them flock around Asians... Makes me wish I was one too haha
  18. When I bought the Z I was still umming and ahhing about the striple too. The first dealer I went to ignored me completely. After I'd made up my mind I went to two other dealers, both of which were 'helpful' but didn't ask for the sale.

    After a salesperson recommendation from another NR, I RANG PS in Ringwood and we talked about it. He asked me (nicely) if I wanted to buy it and I said if we could work out a satisfactory deal I would give him my credit card details over the phone for a deposit. The deal was haggled and done.
    At least one of the other shops would have got the sale if they'd been a bit more enthusiastic. The one most likely to get it has since gone belly up.

    As far as parts go, no problem. I sometimes have to wait for accessories, but I'm the kind of person who'll look for help if I need it, I don't hang around waiting for them.
  19. I'm pretty sure you are from Asia, no? ;)

    Anyway, PS in the city have good specials sometimes. I like it.


  20. Obviously not the 'Right' type of Asian that makes salespeople think I have money lol!!