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Good online stores for Yamaha parts (80s)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JimmyJazz, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Been having a bit of a hard time finding any good online stores for parts for a Yamaha bike. The bike in question is a 1980 XS250. Neither the search function or the links directory has been much help. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm guessing a lot of XS400/XS650 parts from the same year are probably identical?


  2. In the '80's Yamaha were REALLY good at standardizing components. Dunno about the XS250... but the SR500/XS650 seem to share dozens of bits, and I've heard that some parts from the triples and later I4's did too.

    Check out Mikes XS - I've bought a few bits for my SR off there and it's affordable and very quick.
  3. I believe there's a fair bit of commonality betwenn the little XSs and the aircooled RDs of the same era. Being a more desirable bike, RD parts might be easier to find. The XS650 was a completely different animal so I wouldn't expect much to work, though, as QW said, Yamaha were quite keen on standardisation back then so you might get lucky.

    Try Bike Bandit in the US. They seem to have a good spares range for everything. Their shipping costs are a bit steep but bearable if spread across a big order.