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Good One Tel$tra

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Us rural Telstra users are pretty used to our mobiles occasionally not ringing but calls going straight to voice mail ($$$$) but this morning I received an SMS from #1 son that he sent on July 7. :roll:
    Must be some sort or record and makes Aust Post look pretty good.
    Bring back the PMG (yes I am that old) :LOL:

  2. I'm with vodafone and i've had that happen a bit. Here's worse; when I was living in Ascot Vale I could not make calls, and would always get 'network error' when trying to make calls in the MELBOURNE CBD!!!


    ummm, excuse me, rant over.
  3. Ring them up and ask them.
    They can actually back track through the netwrok and see where it got stuck.

    I had a similar problem with a friend...
    Turned out they were sitting in the other providers network and not coming through... took a while to get them to admit it!
  4. Good point. He is on 3. :wink:
    We sent 4 SMS each that day and I got 3 of them :eek:
    Still have the instant voice mail issues here though.
  5. My bedroom is a black-hole of no mobile reception.

    NO NETWORK unless I hold it so part of the metal charger touches the filing cabinet... or there's a certain spot on my desk that will usually allow an SMS to get away.

    V. annoying.
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  7. I'm with Droptus
  8. Well if he changes to 4 then the problem will be solved :)
  9. Boom Boom I'll pay that :LOL:
  10. Mine is a bit like that as well. I have two phones (one mine, Optus, and my work one, Telstra) so have just about always got coverage. Funnily enough, there was no reception with Telstra at the chocolate mill at Daylesford but there was full reception with Optus. That surprised me because Telstra normally has the best coverage of all providers.
  11. It's probably the copper mesh cage you have constructed around it.
  12. If he is with 3, I will bet my bike it was stuck on their end. They are bloody hopeless - I often text my girlfriend and she will get them ~6 hours later - which sucks for time-critical things ("I'm here, meet you out the front").

    Worst I've heard of is ~3 days (3 to 3) :roll:
  13. Telstra where do i start???
    Recieved the bill yesterday (first one after a new contract) always keen to make sure they have lived up to the costs they say their going too, open it it up to see $1030.65.... wtf????
    Read into it, check everything then find a cancellation fee of the full contract equalling $870....... again wtf???
    After 30 minutes today on the phone with them, get explained to that it was human error, instead of just clicking once on the mouse button, the person setting up the contract must have clicked it twice, hence cancelling the contract. Weird one!!
    Here's a tip..... dont make the same button do two different things!!
  14. Optus & Telstra share the same site on the outskirts of town but are in separate locations in town itself from what I can see on an industry site location database so perhaps the mill is in a location where the Optus town site works better??

    There is also a big difference between handsets, I wouldn't use some as door a stop let alone waste my time trying to make calls in the bush with them.
  15. back in 2007 when i was on virgin and other person was on telstra. mid jan they got quite annoyed at me for not replying to what seemed to be an important message. I showed them that i didnt recieve it. I was sitting next to the person on March 3 when it arrived.

    Month and a half. unbelievable.
  16. My CDMA phone was good out in the boonies...
  17. I'll back that. Many a domestic has been caused by SWMBO texting me and me getting it hour/s later.
  18. I haven't bee on telstra for many years, Optus I gave up on when 'yes' time was still around because I kept getting Network Busy and it took 15 attempts to call out.

    Have been on Vodafone for about 4 years, haven't had any problems except for lack of reception in most country areas.

    No phone company gives perfect service, and if you call them they just re-route your call through 3+ people so by the time you get to the actual person you need to speak to your so sick of telling your story you just hang up.
  19. For the record, although my reception is crap here, Miss Bonk and myself are both with Optus, and she's in Europe atm.

    SMS between Australia and London/Italy/Portugal have been taking just a few seconds to get from phone to phone, which seems pretty ace now, compared to these vodafone and 3 stories...