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Good Old Collingwood Forever

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. But, but - "they know how to play the game"!

  3. The end!
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  4. Pity you're a mod, otherwise I would have asked to take that crap down.

    If you can't beat them, join them

    I'm stealing it.
  6. Way too many teeth on dispay in the stands behind. Rent-a-crowd I reckon.

    Damn Scabbies.
  7. Go Maggies!! :)
  8. Agree! As far away as possible...
  9. Nooooo keep them around. There is nothing in this world more entertaining than watching them choke in a grand final.

    Correction - There is. Its called Essendon but those pansies cant even make the final.
  10. Aly you got the stripes right, now change your colors lol
  11. LOL I can cop this stuff all day, the more original the better and yes I have all of my teef well maybe one missun :)
  12. C'mon pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry hon I cant. I've even been to more Pie grand finals that Hawk ones. The problem is, I have this strange expectation of actually winning when my team gets into a grand final. I'd hate to lose that and there is no way Collingwood could provide me with it. You know it to be true!
  14. But it's the anticiapation Aly, thats what its all about lol
    And last count of cups was?
  15. Not many since the 30s.... more Malthouse tears than Premiership cups.

    Happy to continue this discussion next week at the G. :)
  16. so you'd miss prac session to go to footy? :)
    Malthouse is a sookee lah lah, started from Crows I think
  17. Typical woods supporter aren't ya... with no idea when the game is actually on. =D>
  18. If someone dares play the original Fremantle club song I'll fire a nuclear missle through netrider..... Aaaaarrrrggghhhh..

    Go Tiges....
    He's been saying since 1980........ ](*,)
    what a win that was.... :dance:
    now I'm in trouble..... :bolt:

    :p :p
  19. I watch, I listen when it's exciting :) when it's a 'walk over' not bothered too much :)
  20. the 'pies.

    They're usually old and crusty.
    They're filled with some sort of indeterminate grey material.
    They are pretty tasteless.
    and finally...

    They start off hot and finish cold.