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Good ol' Murphy always on the job

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Well, as the topic says, Murphy's law is still happening strong. My parents bought one of a TV last week. It seems to be VERY popular, news of 7am lineups for people wanting to buy the TV. I ended up having to ride to 3 seperate Aldi stores to finally find one that had 1 left to buy. Some examples/news/reviews of the TV in question. Main difference now is that it's $399 and I think I read there is an update or two inside the actual TV.

    Anyway, we've organised to spend the day down at my parents tomorrow to install it as a friend is competing in a triathlon just a few KMs from their place. And, Murphy's law? Well, the tv literally caught on fire today! It wasn't due to be replaced, it's just my parents have been wanting to get a "nice" TV to replace their old faithful CRT tele they have had for a while. Plus it's going to be LOTS easier when our kids are a little bit older and I can bring any gaming consoles down to plug in HDMI to the TV.

    So, the TV had been running fine, no problems, parents decide to upgrade to a HD one and the day before I come down to install it, it catches on fire. Definitely a case of [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy's_law]Murphy's law[/url] ;) It seems to be a bit silly on my dad's part, they were watching TV during a thunderstorm and lightning struck and as dad said to me today "The TV just POPPED and then we saw smoke plus a little fire happening". They have watched TV many times during thunderstorms but hopefully this is a lesson learnt, no TV watching during storms.

    And *finally* they will actually watch DVDs that I make for them, until now they wouldn't watch a DVD as it needed a little bit of fiddling about to play a DVD, flicking a "switch box" so the AV input moves from foxtel to the DVD player. The new TV has an inbuilt DVD player and EPG/PVR so hopefully they can record the footy instead of watching it late when 'their team' plays night matches as they wake up at 2am Sunday to head off to a 'Sunday Market' stall they've ran for ~40 years. I think they should get more than 2 hours sleep for the market, being late 70s means they don't have the stamina like they used to.

    Oh yeah, they won't be doing the planned "hand me down" of the TV from the lounge into the bedroom to replace the REAL old tv in there that gets occasionally used for the "watching tele in bed" nights they have. Besides that, nothing else 'bad' resulted from today besides not being able to watch Foxtel today, my dad will need to listen to the radio to get his results from the racers he bets on.

    So, anyone have examples of Murphy's law of late? :)
  2. is that really murphy's law?

    Anyway, this is: