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Good night riding spots.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. anywhere you guys recommend for good riding after the lights gone down?

  2. kangaroo valley. make sure the fog has rolled in as well. best done in t-shirt, shorts and thongs. fun fun

    edit: sorry didnt realise you were in victoria.
  3. i'd say in towns and cities, anywhere there is wildlife in oz is a danger after dark, i nearly took out a koala in the cage last week round here
  4. Agree with the idea of staying in town. The beach road is nice, the Yarra scenic routes, the roads out through Heidi....maybe a careful jaunt out to Kangaroo Ground....

    I don't know how bad the Dandenongs are at night - anybody? It's just the big fat animals that worry me.
  5. Aw that's sweet. I usually just say goodnight to my teddies. You must be one obsessed rider!

    ...goodnight disc lock...good night black spur...good night yarra boulevard...

    Hey yarra boulevard is okay at night I guess. I much orefer riding during the day myself, but having the HID has meant I enjoy night riding a little more.
  6. Agreed, beach rd is nice for a cruise (though wouldn't make a habit of going fast ....)
    Come out on the tuesday / thursday rides, might give you some ideas.
    lol morbo
  7. There is plenty of wildlife around the Dandenongs at night. Possums mainly, with the odd wallaby, wombat, deer etc.
  8. night time through the twisties isn't bad in the car, but cant say its a great idea on the bike.

    Dandenongs there is plenty of wildlife out and about of an evening...... Beach Rd cruise would be a good idea, but only for a cruise.
  9. HAHAHA!! :rofl:

    I love riding at night. Took a quick fang last night from North Sydney, out to Narabeen, Manly and back. Freeways and city streets at night. Love it.