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Good News

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Well guys just found out last night that i was voted on and excepted to the my local Volunteer CFA Brigade (Scoresby) so after 6 months of training i can finally start turning out.

    Anyway just thought i would share my good news

    cheers stewy 8)

  2. Congrats Stewy!

    You realise now that you'll get sick of the pager going off right?! :wink: :p
  3. yeah, have been warned that after the first week on the pager going of during the middle of the night that will test my character
  4. Well done . :D How do you go about becoming apart of the Volunteer CFA Brigade? Just ring up your local branch ?
  5. yeah, you can either go to the web site (type cfa in google) and that gives you a contact no. or just drop past the station and they can give you the phone no. and the name of the person at the station who looks after new recruits.
  6. Congrats there :) And as a side note, I quickly tried to think of a profession that make their money on their back besides the 2 you listed. I couldn't :D
  7. astronauts?
    kind of..

    sppaaaace mann i just wanted u to gooo intoo spaace man


    does being a CFA volunteer mean exactly what its name is? a volunteer? dont want to sound selfish but do you get any benefits?
  8. undii - out of the 2 professions i know which one i would rather be and it's not option no.1

    cosi - no you don't get paid, and it does take alot of time, but you only have to put in as much time as you want. As for benefits yes there are some, getting to run redlights without getting a ticket, speeding etc. lol no seriously members do get discounts at different places/products, other benefits that i see, they pay for training, first aid courses, driving cousres etc. the list goes on. Also meet a new bunch of guys that don't mind a drink or 10 so really depends what you consider benefits.

    cheers stewy
  9. congradualations stewy
    CFA are a great service to the community and i wish you the best
    stay safe and watch for crownies
  10. Congrats Stewy, when do we get to see you in your sexy bright yellow overalls? :D :LOL:
  11. Congratulations Stewy,

    Your community will be thanking you for many years to come.

    :D :D :D
  12. ssssh don't tell anyone but thats the only reason i sign up for :p
  13. yeah thats what i was after stewy, courses like that, new mates etc

    sounds interesting

    never really considered it
  14. Well I expect to see you wearing them Friday night and only then will I not tell anyone ;) Deal?
  15. whats wrong with my sexy bike gear will that do :(
  16. The moral of this story is - Don't crash near Scoresby or you'll end up with Stewy looking after you :p

    Congrat's mate but like you said after a week of the pager going off the fun will wear off.

    And as for running red lights, a lot of people refuse to drive CFA trucks as the driver of an emergency vehicle is held responsible in a collision even if they are going lights and sirens at the time.............
  17. Oh ok, didn't know that. Are you part or been part of cfa before? If so what bridage?
  18. OK Stewy, tell us you didn't join up just to get trackside at the GP for NICS,

    Next time your out near my place, drop in and I will fit a red flashing light to your Kwaka, haven't got a siren, so you will just have to lift your visor and go NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA .. NEE NAA ..

  19. It is true, in a way. The driver of a vehicle under EVS is deemed to be at fault until the matter is fully investigated. If no fault can be attributed then the original assumption is upheld. There are EVS grades as well. All SES vehicles are the lowest grade "white" which means that we are forbidden from exceeding the speed limit under EVS and I am pretty sure that running lights is frowned upon as well.

    Take a look at which EVS grade CFA vehicles are. They are bound to higher up the response chain.