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Good news for dealers, bad news for photographers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbie55, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. More motorbikes on the road, always a fantastic thing :D, can't wait!
  2. Not if the collective govts get their way...
  3. I've always thought there has been an influx in bike riders over the last few years...guess the number of riders is going to keep on growing.
  4. Has Dare Jennings got the coolest name on the face of the earth?
  5. No, it isn't.

    Since you've realised a few things about squids in the past few months, it seems, you might understand why more is not better, eventually.
  6. ZOMFG I want one of those - I'll even pay Deus prices for a flying motorcycle!
  7. My eyebrow was well and truly raised when I saw who the motorcycle dealer of choice was when it became time for the prerequisite quote, hardly the in the same boat as the run of the mill Kawayamazukionda dealer.
  8. And is it really that surprising that Deus get hit hard when people's recreational budget gets hit. If you're interested in economy, you're probably not going to be hammering on their door.
  9. Yes and no.

    The empty nester or the budget conscious taking up the romantic or completely utilitarian notion of riding, will care less about riding from a "way of life" point of view. It will be a passionless venture. This was already seen during desert storm and fuel price hike periods.

    Their bike will simply be another possession and they'll take their car mentality and understanding to the road. They'll completely swallow all the propaganda that the authorities are intending to throw at motorcycling. They'll most likely display poor roadcraft and end up in the statistics which the authorities will use to whip us all harder.

    It's a double edged sword.
  10. But surely a 400 single that you ride 368 km a year is an economical bike to run?
  11. Double Dare Jennings would be cooler.
  12. That's his twin brother.
  13. Derp Dunning would be even cooler.
  14. I know a bloke called Hunter Lang... Deadset that is pretty hard to beat.
  15. True but there would also be healthy number that will start with that approach and develop a passion from there. I am a case in point.

    Regardless, so long as there aren't too many events that will negatively skew safety stats, I can see how an uptake of new riders could benefit the mc community on the whole.
  16. what self-indulgent garbage

    in other words, it's ok for ME to ride, but not for other people

    it's a big world out there, and the more people who ride, even without your approval, the more notice will be taken of motorcycling....
  17. I'm with hornet. In fact, less knuckle dragging hunchbacked cretins and more "normal" commuters could be a good thing.
  18. what patronising, puerile tripe, rob, your current pompous 'eveybody's out to get us, I'm the guardian of motorcycling purity' campaign is wearing really thin, mate, how about getting off the soapbox and getting back on the bike, you made more sense when you were posting about your riding and not running for president?

    not all of us have a road bike and an identical track bike, but I defy your logic that you can buy a bike and not be bitten by the bug; that's rubbish.

    you can buy a bike, ride thousands of kilometres in safety and with huge enjoyment, completely within the law, but then again, that makes you a motorcycling pariah, doesn't it :roll:.
  19. I don't think i'm the sort of rider Deadsy wants. But my scooter has meant at least 5 people have become more concious and interested in how bikes share the road. More of that would be good, surely? ;)