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Good news at last..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Woo hoo.. :grin: Heard from my brother today who has been fixing my bike for me after I hit a car and threw it down the road.. :cry: The parts arrived and now my bike is nearly back to its pre crash state! It has a new right clip on, indicator, brake lever and radiator. :grin: Just waiting on another friend to fix the tank up for me and it will be back in my carport!

    I bought a new helmet today too.. that was fun!

    Now if only this stupid arm would get better.... :?

    PS Thanks to Steve from Caringbah Motorcycles fro getting the parts out so quickly!
  2. That's great news suzyq.

    Hopefully with your bike back in the garage you will heal quicker :grin:
  3. Woooooooooot!

    I know how you feel! I bought a new helmet last week, got an email my bike will be ready to buy anytime from 1-3 weeks. Just need my gimpy arm to get better (overall). :)
  4. I broke my right scaphiod(little bone in between wrist/hand) a few years ago, right arm in plaster for 2 months, difficult bone to heal and was advised to treat it gently after plaster was removed, came home from the specialist and walked straight into the garage, checked for ability to operate throttle and brake safely on ZXR 750, bewdy, best physio anyone could administer.....hurt like all hell but still put a smile back on the face
  5. :grin:

  6. Steve at Caringbah is a really nice guy, eh Suzi??

    Great to hear the progress reports, you'll be riding soon, I know...
  7. thats great news suzy!
  8. Great to hear Suzy.

    Repairs to my bike are progressing rapidly too. Much like undii, the bike is abour 2-3 weeks away from being complete, with me just waiting on parts being repaired, and a couple of newly purchased items to arrive. Again, much like undii, I am also waiting for my gimpy left arm to get better, and it seems to be doing that pretty well of late. It's still sore but is now able to bear a lot of weight on it, and I can now raise it almost vertical again. The muscles and bones are probably still about 3 weeks away from being effectively healed, and I just need to regain full muscular strength again after that.

    Looks like things are looking up for a few of us at least who had offs. We should all have a "Banged Up, Bruised, but now Better" ride sometime in Aug/Sept to celebrate eh? Whaddya reckon guys?
  9. Congrats, hopefully you'll be back on the road soon

    I've been saying the same thing the last few days and it's just my luck for the weather to be fine all this week :(
    I can hear all the bikes going past my place on their way to kinglake :cry: