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Good names for hills

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stefank, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. I went for a ride from Hobart to Orford and back yesterday. There are three signposted hills along the way: Black Charlie's Opening, Break Me Neck Hill and Bust Me Gall Hill. What else is there around the country that can compete with this?

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  2. There are two separate places named Mount Buggery in Victoria.
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  3. Nights were long and lonely in those days. :)
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  4. Mt Disappointment in Victoria
    Chinamans Knob in Victoria

    Not mountains but:

    Come by Chance in NSW
    Bong Bong in NSW
    Tittybong in Victoria
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  5. I'll put those on my "places to avoid" list.
  6. There is a road just up the road from me called " Bobbin Head Road"
    Queue schoolboy giggles
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  7. Or trick ride making sure your back is facing the other way going up and um um going down ..the other side... the other way..bugger I'll just leave it alone
    Hate to think how they ended up with 2 mt buggerys ain't no other meaning for the term
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    • Whittaker, Mark; Willesee, Amy. The Road to Mount Buggery: A Journey through the Curiously Named Places of Australia. ISBN 0-7329-1111-7.
  8. I love this book. Great read!
  9. Wow do you often google mount buggery...:whistle: Maybe it was the topic for somebody's thesis...imagine the Dean reading out the topic to the gathered family and friends in the austere atmosphere of the graduation auditorium...snort!:p

    I like Mona Vale -Tumble Down Dick Hill...not far from the Ba'Hai temple we always called nipple hill as kids...and Dad would threaten us with the strap if we didn't stop giggling like jackals as we kept repeating it...:ROFLMAO:
  10. Pretty Sally - on the Old Hume North of Kilmore. Was a hoot to charge up up (Northbound) on a bike with a bit of poke before the Freeway was opened. The other way brought a lot of trucks unstuck. Magnificent hill. I always wondered about the name.

    The Paps near Mansfield. Some of the PC whiners in the town have talked about trying to get the name changed.
  11. Cairns has the wonderful "Yorkeys Knob" of course.

    Rudest name by far belongs to a town in Austria called "Fcuking". Yup really! Google it. Imagine living there.....
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  12. Blue Knob near Mt Warning, always liked Woodenbong and Tittybong too
  13. In Norway you can live in Hell...:p
  14. There is a Triple Black Diamond 4x4 track in Gembrook State Forest called Gentle Annie Track.
    We destroyed two Winches trying to get out of there one night in the wet.

    They lied it is not Gentle at all!! :facepalm:
    (although Gentle Annie is a Place)
  15. Go for a walk from the Waterworks reserve here in Hobart and you can see Gentle Annie Falls.
  16. Pikabooba in Northern NSW is a funny one. Just a trail to it and. A big radio tower on the top of the Mountain.
  17. Mount Despair, Murrindindi, Victoria. It's a cheery place.
  18. Curly Dick Road , off the Great western Hwy between Lithgow and Bathurst
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  19. Make your way to Darraweit Guim, Nug Nug, Poowong or Upotipotpon in Vic.
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