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Good motorcycling pants?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lhekkaz, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. What types of Motorbike pants are good to keep you intact and not overly expensive. Ive been told not to wear jeans because in a slide you will end up with gravel in your ass

  2. Draggin
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  3. Get your self into an Aldi store quick. There may well be some remnants of the sale of bike gear.

    As a first step up from wearing jeans they had aramid reinforced denims which will at least offer better abrasion resistance and have knee armour included and pockets for hip protection.. They also had leather pants which were pretty good by most accounts.

    There were also CE approved fabric pants with good safety ratings but a little hot to wear in warmer weather.
  4. In summer, option is Kevlar jeans with knee/ hip protectors. I wore cordura pants for a while. I also had a pair from aldi, a tad heavy and hot in summer but good protection (tested it myself :)) . Right now I am on rst r14 leathers and love it, very light and flex in the crotch area which helps when on a taller bike. I guess you need to try few for yourself and decide. In summer, especially here in qld you cannot be like King Arthur. You will die from the heat. I guess some right balance needs to be found but better be safe then sorry. wear the stuff for yourself and not to impress anyone. Skin is your biggest organ and road rash on it hurts more than a broken bone. Happy shopping :)
  5. Overly expensive is subjective. What's your budget?
  6. probably not any more than $150, is there any good options out there for that price. Just had a look at Draggins though, they are fairly expensive.
  7. Check out Bikers Gear Australia. BIKERS GEAR AUSTRALIA They are cheap and cheerful, in your budget and many forum members wear their gear (including myself).

    Be aware though, you're not going to get the same quality as buying high end stuff.
  8. Wicked Gear is also in the same cheap and cheerful bracket - I have a couple of items from them and have been reasonably happy for the price.

    I have a couple of pairs of gloves, a retro leather jacket (that I actually do love and wear off the bike as well) and some textile pants.

  9. Honestly, if you were able to forge out that couple bucks more. I would go for high end stuff, such as draggin jeans if you were dead set on wearing jeans only. You're better off getting the full set of gear. I know it's a pain in the ass wearing it around, I basically look like a retard wearing all my gear at uni cause there's no where to put it, but I don't mind because if something actually does happened, and it has happened, boy was I glad to be wearing all that gear.

    P.S. I got away with not a single scratch and little/no damage to my gear, and if i had been wearing no gear, it would have been a lot worse.
  10. You won't find one pair for all year round. Doesn't have to break the bank. In summer I wear mesh (textile) pants (taichi brand) - got them on here for $50. Good protection and retail for about $200-300 I think. For winter I wear the Aldi textiles - 5 yrs old and still going strong ($80). Between seasons I have some kevlar jeans (motolegion/Rhok - a guy called takamii who is/was a member here) - was about $110 around 4 yrs ago. Also have some leather pants I got for $170 from Finn Moto - he's on ebay but sells from his garage here on the central coast. My best deal was a second hand 2 piece Dianese suit from ebay for $300. Pants were basically never worn.

    Now I have a second Aldi pair from this years sales. Went for the large but they are actually large so will be taking them back unless someone here wants them. Still have the tags.

    There seems to be very good deals if you are prepared to buy pants second hand.
  11. Yeah, it is probably too late for you, but I have found the Aldi leather pants, at $119, extremely good value. The Toormina store (Coffs Harbour area) still had them this week. The fit and quality has been excellent, but I won't know for sure 'till we see how they last over the years.

    I bought XL, and took them back next day for L, and there were a couple of pairs left. For the first time for me, everything, jncluding the protective pads fit and was in the right place.

    The other gear looked quite good, too. There were leather jackets, and textile pants and jackets. I tried the jackets on, and would have been happy to buy either the textile or leather, but I didn't need them.

    Also, I've been pleased with the rider's gloves I bought - $30.

    Apparently, Aldi does this bike gear sale annually, but others may prove me wrong.

    Personally, I've found Aldi quality pretty poor in the past, and , except for their chocolate, don't normally shop there. But I have been very pleasantly surprised with the good bike gear I recently bought.
  12. Anything that isn't fastened to your waist or too loose is at risk of coming off (not just jeans).
    Personally I wear Draggin jeans and a high quality leather belt done up tight in summer and waterproof textile in winter.
  13. I can confirm Finn Moto leather trousers do indeed perform effectively in a crash. I wear them in summer and suggest that if you find them too hot you need to either lose a few kilos or harden up. His kevlar jeans have lasted well with use but I haven't crash tested them.
  14. I wear Draggins year round I haven't crashed in them but they are well made.
  15. Wear draggins as well, have two pairs of winter ones(warmer, full kevlar lining) and two summer ones(thinner, no kevlar below knees). Plan to invest in a pair of mesh textiles for summer(jeans are too hot sometimes) and a pair of armoured leathers for twistie rides. I'm looking at RSTs in that regard as they seem to be a good bang for the buck and will zip onto my RST jackets.
  16. Would love to find a good pair of leather pants that are ok for summer use with armour.
  17. Thanks guys, I think I might just be looking at a pair of kevlar jeans at the moment just because of the practicality of them. when I get some extra money together I will probably look into some textile pants though
  18. RHOK jeans are good.
  19. I bought some alternate brand kevlar jeans from my local for $100. Crashed in them not five minutes later, melted my back pocket but the damage stopped at the kevlar. Highly recommended. Take the knee pads out and you have a slightly heavy yet decent looking pair of jeans
  20. i dropped into aldi's today and found that they had heaps of kevlar jeans still there. I grabbed a pair. Thanks for all your help guys
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