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GOOD motorbike mechanic in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by wallyl81, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I have a CBR1000rr and constantly find myself with the dilemma of finding a good RELIABLE motorbike mechanic when service time or anything else comes around. I have been to different places in the past but have never been particularly satisfied for one reason or another. I would like to know, based on personal opinions, if anyone would be able to recommend me a very good motorbike mechanic that I could trust looking after my motorbike. Perhaps soemone with some racing expertise or enough experience to know how an engine runs :)
    PS. One thing only, please do not mention 'peter stevens' because I would not take my bike there (made that mistake already) if they were paying me!
    Hope to get some feedbacks

  2. mate use the search function, alot of people swear by Everyting on 2 wheels in fitzroy
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  3. +1 and +1. I use E2W.
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  4. And another +1
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  5. Check out whinner motorcycles in Narre Warren if its local. I been going to Anton for years. Good price great service, excellent work. What more do u want!
  6. +1 again, can't recommend Pete at Everything Two Wheels highly enough.
  7. +1 for Dynoverks. Deano and the guys are a fantastic group of blokes, nothing is ever a problem.
  8. probably best to remove this...
  9. I know, these bloody motobike shops who want to earn a living from servicing bikes Jesus, I dont know how some of these motobike shop owners manage to sleep at night the money they charge.

  10. +1

    However, I do wish he'd do the services for free. The gall of him wanting to make a living.
  11. Peter Ste....... oh 8-[ :bolt:
  12. sheesh, sorry for hitting a nerve. for what he did, it seemed excessive. i know they need to make a living, just thought it was a lot for what was done.

    then again, i dont know anything bout running my own shop :)
  13. http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/
    Clayton Area.

    Chris (mechanic) joined the team from Redwing Honda and loves his bikes. He takes the time to go over them when he's working on them so you know your bike is in good hands.

    Kat and Luke who run the shop are the best when it comes to customer service. They're renowned for offering the best turn around times and they're one of the few shops that offer both value and service.

    They're always happy for you to drop by and meet them first before you decide if they're the shop for you. But once you've met them and had a look around the decisions easy.

    They all love their trackdays and love talking about riding. So if you prefer to be treated as a rider rather just another customer, head straight to there first.

    Too funny. Search the site for P.S. sometime, although they're getting better.
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  14. Ur joking right? 300 for a minor service is great. I'm sure it was just a fluids change and bike inspection plus chain adjustment... parts alone would be about 100 (oil,coolant,filter). U could do all that urself but you have to remember to check for other things they may find that u don't normally inspect... bearings,brake pads etc
  15. +1 for Everything 2 wheels.
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  16. im happy to stand corrected, dont worry, lol. :)
  17. This is a must, wealth of experience and what mingles said=D>=D>

    Cheers B
  18. +1 For sixtydegrees. Being only a newbie and they just serviced my bike for the 1st 1000K and all I can say is.

    1. did the service and marked my book as required.
    2. did not over service and charge me.
    3. Answered all my newbie questions with out laughing at me.
    4. Did not recommend work that I did not need.
    5. Price was reasonable compared to other in my area.
    Also like the login details for your service history so you can reprint stuff if required.
    Seem to have good parts store
    So my 1st experince was my better experince. I don't think I will take my bike elseware unless I need warranty work which they cant do.