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Good morning everyone!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Arn Jewell, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. How is everyone this fine Queensland morning? My name is Arn. 23 yrs ago I was an avid rider, I had a Suzuki GR650. Due to an accident at work, I found I could no longer ride. Back to the here and now... My wonderful partner has bought me a Yamaha vx 250 Virago 1994. I'm am starting all over again as I gave up my motorcycle licence. But, I'm glad I have to go through a QRide (Stay Upright) course. I must admit I'm a bit apprehensive about riding again, but at the same time excited!! Well, there's me in a nutshell!!

    Oh, by the way I am female not male as my profile says!! I have no idea what happened there!! lol

  2. hi and welcome.....:)
  3. Hi Caz, how are things in 'Moss Vegas'? :)
  4. Very very wet :( haven't been out on the bike this weekend....
  5. Bugger! I just had a look on Weatherzone, It looks like there is a cyclone forming in the northern coral sea! There seems to be a lot of activity up there at the moment. Hope you can 'batten down the hatches' :wideyed:
  6. Moss Vegas (Moss Vale) is in new south wales ---:)
  7. Hahaha! I thought you meant Mossman North Qld! ...There you go... That's what I get for not asking :LOL:
  8. Ha ha ha Was going to say if we got a cyclone that would be a first :)
  9. There would be quite a few raised eyebrows I'm sure! :LOL:
    I am in Bundaberg so we are keeping an eye on what it is doing up there.
  10. Hi Arn and welcome! I'm not far from you in Hervey Bay and only got my licence last winter. Slowly getting more relaxed on my Suzuki TU250. QRide teaches you the basics but I found the confidence only comes with lots more practice. So, that's what I do, riding every opportunity I get, might see you on the road some day :)
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Hi Uschi!
    Thank you for the welcome :) I know exactly what you mean, practice does help a lot with confidence. Just sitting on the bike brought heaps of it back, but we'll see when I finally take her out of the stable.
  13. Thanks Jeffco :)
  14. Welcome to the forum!

  15. Hello GeorgeO thanks for the welcome! How is the weather down there this morning?