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Good mechanics in Sydney??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ~eM~, May 16, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can direct me to a few good motorcycle mechanics. (Honda CBR's?)

    This would mostly be for a pre-purchase inspection, and or mechanical repairs.

  2. I like Double RR in Haberfield on Parramatta road. Nice guys, great service, reasonably priced
  3. It might help for you to say what suburb you live in.
  4. I live in hurstville...
    but if there is a good mechanic around.. i dont mind going far (withing sydney)
  5. Any decent mechanics im from the hurstville area and need a decent and honest mech
  6. Check out Sydney Performance Motorcycles at Taren Point, Brendan has been good to me when I've been there.
  7. Lloyd Penn - Artarmon.
  8. I've only good things to say about Lloyd's at Artarmon
  9. or give PatR1 a pm and i can give it a peek. but wont be able to test ride it for ya...
  10. Whatever you do, do NOT give it to pat.

    Go to a qualified mechanic as suggested above who can actually ride a bike.
  11. coffee ?
  12. i go here: BMS

    376 botany rd, beaconsfield 2015
  13. ...](*,)
  14. There is NO way I am going on a date with you. Understand?
  15. Not to mention any Name but I had a mobile bloke come to service mine told me he does this and that then test rides it .BULL...... tuned my two carbs / changed plugs and changed oil was not cheap till this day carby tune still rough.
    Just check who you get .
  16. best to do the work yourself....
  17. hurstville area, down the road from where i live, a couple of places that i have been to and reccomend, do not go to sydney city motorcycles kograh, bexley motorcycle repairs only touch bikes that are 10 years or newer, so no luck there (i think they are closed down last time i driven past that place) you can give them a try but being a cbr250 by definition they are older then 10 years, they wont touch it

    had a check on yellow pages there is a newplace in carlton, never heard of it before cyber motorsports i guess you can be the first one to give that a try for us, had a look at there website they are a car modification place :p as well as explosive racing in peakhurst, but they look like a specific dyno tuning place, umm st george wheel works, they maybe worth a try they are at peakhurst as well, they look like a specialised place to powdercoat wheels dont know about mechanical repairs. stupid true local giving out hese places like they are motorcycle repair places :S

    but honestly i would like for u to try the new ones for us (meh they are all new shops and would like to see what they are like, havent had the guts to try them,) and some feedback on the new shops would be great (esp mobile repairs hurstville) i havent heard much about the repair shops in kirawee, taren point shops seem to get an ok wrap, the ones in alexandria (flywheels and sydney wreakers ) get good wraps.

    however you can stick to the tried and tested


    they are pricey but get the job done pretty quick, and are decent blokes.

    please let us know how you go and which shop you went with i would like to try other workshops and havent needed to go to other mecanics as of late (well the one i am going to now is sorta compulsory)
  18. i go to RB racing but dont know what type of bikes they touch i got a zx6r 06 model and they were fine with it so i guess a cbr should be good but give them a call
  19. Recommend Lloyd Penn in Atarmon,

    Just got my CBR250RR back from them, quick service, super friendly blokes, happy too give a new rider some good tips.

    Bike running perfectly, way way better than when I picked up the "fully refurbished" bike from an un-named Sydney dealer.

    They even lent me a helmet to ride home with so couldn't recommend them enough.