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Good mechanics in North Sydney

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tubbsy, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    New in town...actually, new to Aussie. Can anyone reccomend a good mechanic with reasonable rates around the North Sydney area?

    My bike has died a week after I got it off e-bay......sigh
  2. everyone talks this guy up so he must be good

    Lloyd Penn Motorcycles

    (02) 9906 8488

    34 Punch St
    Artarmon NSW 2064
  3. Awesome thanks mate, he's not too far from me.
  4. your welcome mate :)
  5. My bike has gone to these guys today, I'll report back on service quality and value for money so more peeps can benefit.
  6. If you're willing to travel over the bridge, Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers are good!

    Otherwise, Procycles in Hornsby have loan bikes and always given me very competative prices:

    Procycles (Hornsby) Pty Ltd
    148 George St, Hornsby NSW 2077 - get directions
    ph: (02) 9477 5422

    Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers
    23 Euston Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015 - get directions
    ph: (02) 9565 5788
  7. His bikes broken down Holly so dont think he can travel to far :)
  8. I think procycles pick up, but the whole "we give you a loan bike" sells it to me!
  9. I think smw have an $80 pick up fee from wherever
  10. Bike is back now, looks like it may potentially have been bad fuel and clogged carbs. Also, as a nice little surprise, they found the front wheel bearings were bad and the wheel was liable to fall off on me. All sorted in 1 day, and now it has more power than ever.

    All in all, excellent service and value for money. Lloyd Penn Motorcycles is excellent.

    They did come and get my bike, charged $95 to take it 2.5km to their workshop, which is the only thing I wasn't too happy about.
  11. Glad to hear they looked after you, they always did well by me when I was a courier.
  12. 95$ for 2.5 k's?? grrr... not happy with that part hey
  13. good u got it sorted mate
  14. The price of peace of mind, but hey, the alternative was a bung bike. I'll still keep them as my repairer of choice. Every other place I spoke to had zero customer skills and didn't seem to care.

    Now.....where in the heck do I take it for a spin today???:biker:

    Any suggestions? I'm in Crows Nest. :D

  15. Thanks again for putting me onto them Goz.
  16. Go for the old pacific hwy, or take a quiet spin down to wisemans ferry... or do both :D
  17. Yeh, Old pacific highway sounds good. Do I just keep following pacific highway North, or is there a different way I need to take to get to the old one?
    (bit of a 'durrrr' question)
  18. yeah go via hornsby / berowra, and then you take a road on the left, a few signs saying "old pacific highway".

    www.whereis.com :p
  19. Awesome, will do, thanks mate