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Good mechanic sydney CBR929RR

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by landog, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Guys I know this looks like another .. "wheres a good place to get a service" thread but hear me out as now that Tony Magri has gone im not sure who to ring for advice :(

    I just bought a 2000 CBR929RR, 17,500 K's on the clock in near perfect condition.

    I picked it up on Australia Day and rode it back to Sydney from Melb, was great to ride.. although my arse hurt alot :)

    Anyhoo.. I Live in Manly and travel to work (city) each day along Military road. For those who arent familiar with it its a bastard, three lanes bumper to bumper and basically a shitty ride.. beats the bus though :)

    Given I havent owned a big bike before im not sure if some of my concerns are valid, or just a matter of getting used to big sports bikes. On top of this perhaps its just time for a major service (due at 18,000 K's).

    Heres what Ive noticed:

    - Temp averages 102 in built up traffic (was about 79-83 at 130kmph coming back from Melb)
    - It hates taking off without revs above 3 K - 4K
    - Im very anal and I hear every little ticking sound, rattle etc.. when its really warm (built up traffic) i swear it feels.. looser
    - shifting to 2nd often clunks, similar to the shift from neutral to 1st

    And generally it takes some getting used to the fact that 1st does 60 - 80 K comfortably at 5-6000 revs and 2nd is 80 +..

    Im sure its mostly me but I would appreciate some advice from people with bigger sports bikes like mine.. did you find it quite different when you started riding one ?

    anyway so some questions are:
    - Is there a mechanic you would highly recommend for honda sports bikes anywhere closeish to the city or on the north shore?
    - What about dyno tuning etc.. do I need to look at having this done ?

    Anythng else ?

    Cheers Matt
  2. Matt, I can answer a couple of these

    All water cooled bikes get hot in traffic: this has come up a fair few times in threads since the hotter weather. But as long as your thermo fans cut in before the gauge gets too close to the red zone, you should be ok. You might like the get the mechanic you are looking for the check the thermo fan fuse and see if it is kicking in, although if it IS operating, you should be able to hear it.

    If your gearbox is anything like my 600 Hornet box, it is a little clunky, especially between 1st and 2nd. That said, Honda boxes have a reputation for being fairly robust......
  3. ta hornet600 yeah i sure can hear the fan kick in as son as the temp hits 103.. also stays running after I hit the kill switch untill it cools down a bit..


    Oh .. ive done some more searching.. people seem to like

    Lloyd Penn
    34 Punch St Artarmon

    Ill call him tomorrow..

    could someone be bothered explainign the concept of dyno tuning .. sorry total newb on this subject
  4. Lloyd Penn @ Artarmon. 10 minute walk to St Leonards Station.

    If you tell him all your concerns he'll also check 'em out for ya, or tell your you're dreaming.

    Do a search on here for reviews on him :)
  5. I didn't see your last post when I posted the lloyd penn recommendation :)
  6. First big bikes are very different arent they! I hear every rattle or clunk in the Z but all is normal. First to second on mine is sweeter the harder you rev. If I change at 4 or 5k its kinda loud and clunky but at 8 - 10 its smooth as a bald mans head. Give it a go. 103 is normal and so is fan running after you turn her off. And you poor bastard doing military rod every day.. twice! But at least you can lane split..... PM me if you feel like a ride though I still corner like a granny.
  7. 929

    Hey there, I'm a former 929 owner, now 954. So I thought I might rest your concerns with your Q's
    1-normal temp don't worry, they warm up quick in traffic.
    2-The revs thing is simply cause it's fairly tall geared, if you really don't like it you could always change sprockets but I wouldn't reccomend it being your first big bike, plus you just get use to it and the up side is easy freeway cruising.
    3- The fireblade is a very mechanicly noisey bike, I like it that way, you will find after your 18,000 km service it might quiten down a little
    4- Mine use to do that before it was due for a service, after some fresh oil she's all sweet

    Get the 18,000 k service and you will be rapt, awesome bike, enjoy!
  8. guys thankyou for these posts its great to get some confirmation that all is normal.

    I have her booked in for a service next week with Llyod, but at least I know nothing major is up in the meantime

    Bart.. PM ing now.. keen for a ride!

  9. At the risk of insulting you :))), are you preloading the gear lever properly when changing up? Generally, if you you preload the lever and lightly 'dip' the clutch your changes will be much smoother than if you fully disengage the clutch, shift the lever up, then reengage the clutch.

    I wouldn't mention it except I still hear a lot of riders 'clonking' their way up the street - even on Suzis ;-)

    EDIT - This only occurred to me because I've ridden one of these and remember thinking it was pretty smooth...
  10. actually im pleased you mentioned this .

    I have a weak wrist so sometimes after a bit of time on the bike I get lazy and drop the clutch. So yeah Im sure its partly my technique at times.

    But even when first jump on in the morning its more clunky than my trusty old GPZ 250 was :)