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Featured Good mechanic in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by elimy, May 18, 2015.

  1. I'm having some trouble with my motorcycle. I had a major service done (about $1600 of work that somehow took two months), then about two weeks later the bike was stolen =O The police recovered it within a week - which was amazing - and I had it towed to the same mechanic that did the major service. They took $700 and two months to replace the barrel and lock set =/ I picked it up today and the battery was flat, even though they claimed to have charged it. After jumping it twice after two long rides and finding that it still won't start, I guess there is something wrong.

    I don't want to go back to the shop that overcharges me and takes two months to do anything. Can somebody recommend somewhere else?

    I know the standard recommendation is Everything 2 Wheels, but I tried to use them last time - the phone was never answered and their web pages redirects to some other Facebook thing.

  2. It might help if you give your suburb so people can suggest someone local to you. E2W has closed.
  3. I think hes around the Carlton area
  4. Good idea! I'm in Carlton, as Uncle Greg has so observantly noted :]
  5. There is a member here Streetmaster who will come and pick it up, there is an extra charge for that but his mechanic rates are reasonable. High Octane in Thomastown are also an option.
  6. E2W closed again?
  7. I ended up at Bike Dock - seems like a nice shop. Hopefully it'll go well and I'll be able to recommend them here, because it seems like we aren't aware of many options right now as a community.
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  8. I used to use E2W, but just got mine back from a minor service at Bike Dock. Did a good job, will definitely be taking it back there.
  9. +1 for Bike Dock.

    Have taken both of my bikes there and they have always provided great service and have been really reasonably priced.
  10. I use JMS tuning , Jayson is a great bloke and offer pick ups plus reasonable prices , been taking my bikes to him for the past year and half.have always been happy with all the jobs that he has done on both my bikes :)
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  11. Bike Dock worked out well! Recommended.
  12. Confirmed Pete @ E2W has gone - good bloke - deserved better.

    Anyway, the guys at BikeDock have taken over from the old well known InTyre crowd......I'm hearing good things.

  13. +1 For Jayson @ JMS

    Does Italians too...
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  14. Dude, if you've got a flat battery, get a bloody spanner out and replace your battery! It's a piece of piss. You shouldn't need a machanic for that. Go to battery world in coburg or wherever is close and get a replacement, should be 60-80 bucks and 10 minutes to fit.
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