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Good luck Rosie V7

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Woodsy, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Rosie has her L's test tomorrow.
    Good luck Rosie, hope to be riding with you Sunday :biker:

    Just take it easy and listen too the instructor you'll be fine.
  2. +1 on what Woodsy said....
    and dont forget to have ya weeties. :grin:

    Go get 'em girl :p
  3. Oh man! :LOL: If I fail...it's because you all jinxed me!
  4. and if you pass do we get a pat on the back LOL
  5. Kickass seabass
  6. Good luck Rosie, soon your be where you belong... on the road with us. :grin:
  7. Good luck :grin:

    Just remember, no matter what you THINK you've done, dont stop till you complete that test, I almost got done for stopping when i thought i'd stuffed up. :)
  8. good luck mate!
    I'm sure you'll blitz it.
  9. All the best,
    Relax, listen & most importantly of all POSTIVE THINKING
  10. Good luck Rosie. I'm sure you will do great, just let yourself go with it and relax.
  11. Good Luck Rosie!!
    Just relax and enjoy your day you'll definitely learn heaps.
    I think V1 said it... have your weeties... you'll be rather drained by mid morning otherwise.
  12. Good luck Rosie...... not that you need it. :p
  13. Thanks all! Great advice... I will make sure I have some weeties *shudders*, I'll stay relaxed, listen to the instructor, think positive and I wont stop...no matter how certain I am I just screwed up....oh and I'll be sure to have some fun too. :)


  14. ...and think of the fun you'll have riding as well after you pass :) All the best matey.
  15. lol i thought you were talking about the 'real' rossi
    no offence rossi :]
    Oh yeah good luck - im sure we'll find out how you went sometime after you finish. Nothing better than riding home without those L plates on
  16. Yeahhh...good luck going for your L's, Rosie...you'll be right. :)
  17. Thanks Ezyrider, imajo and John.

    Ezyrider - This is what I need to keep reminding myself of tomorrow. :) Why I'm there. Might have to give myself a kick up the bum about it every now and then.. BTW, hope your beautiful bike's back in action soon. :)

    John - :)
  18. Good luck Rosie.

    You'll do just fine :grin:
  19. Goodluck V7 on your test, I'm sure you will do just great :)
    You know what this means though, you are now going to have to ride along with all the other V's now that you will be on the road :grin: and you can also kiss that driveway of yours a fond fairwell :wink:

    :dance: go Rosie
  20. From V8 .... Hey V7!! We need you on the road quick to make the roll call complete ..... we are missing a small chink here. :grin:

    May the 'L's be with you in great force!!! Go Girl! .... woo hoo!