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NSW Good Luck, Rob -- (Safer Roads NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Maybe I'm a cynic, but do you reckon that any roads are going to have their limit raised. Like maybe the Hume?
  2. A few areas on a bunch of rural highways had their limits raised last year to be more consistent and less changing.
  3. Whose Rob?
  4. The Sturt Hwy a little west of Narrandera went up to 110 recently. Being a main route through to Adelaide, 10 kmh more is handy.
  5. Newel Hwy was increased not long after the Libs got in. There have been a few stretches of roads in Wagga that have gone from 50 to 60.
  6. Wow form 100ks down to 60ks..on one road ,that Victorian border must be getting closer
  7. wagga traffic command's revenue will drop
  8. Thats my question also..
    Whos Rob?
  9. No, the revenue camera has never been parked there. It is either on Burke St between the showgrounds and hospital where it should be 60 but is 50 or on the Sturt Hwy (Hammond Ave) near Hartwigs Trucks where it should be 80 not 60.
  10. Haha. The connection might be thin, but my mind jumped to it immediately. Part of your role in vmc and rider training is to actually make road users safer rather than slower?
  11. Well yeah, but fark, what a stretch...
  12. Bah, it's all a big fat ruse anyway - everyone knows Lilley is actually Robsalvv, and I've got my suspicions about this (so-called) 'Justus' fellow too...
  13. :eek:

    Silence infidel :D

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