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Good luck or bad?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Stueh, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Before you assume it, no, I didn't drop it again. Thank god.

    A string of near-nasty events in the past 24 hours.

    So. I was riding along Honeypot Rd, Noarlunga Downs, on the way to the girlfriends place at about 5pm last evening. It's been pretty wet lately, but it wasn't raining at the time, although the road was still somewhat damp. Anyhoo, I'm moving along doing about 60, and this bloke in a souped up commodore was turning right onto the road, from my left.

    Anyway, I was in the left side of my lane, and I saw him approach the intersection going about 25 - 30, so I moved over to the right of my lane, and then, to my surprise, HE DIDN'T SLOW DOWN. Didn't even turn his head, just pulled out. Well, me having no idea if he would stop or keep going, I hit the skids, and probably hit them a bit too hard. Back wheel came out and I "pulsed" it several times VERY quickly (eg. start braking and it would lock up immediately, release brake, brake again. As a side note, it's a force of habit from go karts when I was a kid and you had to slow real quick for a corner). Anyhoo, I managed to keep it upright, but as I was braking, he obviously heard the tyres squeal on and off and turned his head, saw me, then, instead of speeding out of my way, he hit the skids.

    Long story short, I stopped with my front wheel about 20cm from his drivers door. Don't think I've ever seen a pair of eyes so wide. My reaction wasn't exactly admirable. He didn't move off immediately, just sat there looking at me, and I was letting off a tirade of abuse, with much language that shall not be repeated, all the while revving my bike at him.

    I was rather angry, and given my past and background, I am prone to violent outburts on the (very) rare occasion. I sorta scare myself sometimes, and afterwards, thought about the fact that if he had gotten out of the car, even to see if I was ok, I probably would have done something stupid and headbutt him. Tell the truth, I'm not exactly a fan of violence, but sometimes it's just hard to keep your head screwed on.


    So, this morning, I'm riding from Noarlunga to the Magill / Burnside area (from gfs place to work). I'm moving along Main South, just north of Noarlunga, and this f***stick comes up beside me, in the other lane, then proceeds to accelerate to get in front and merge in. I had to slow down to stop his tail taking out my front wheel. Stupidly hit the horn, he hit the skids, and I managed to dodge him.

    He turned off before we got to the next set of lights. I was thinking about stopping next to him and TALKING to him (REAL talking, people) and just saying, look, you need to pay more attention, because you take out a bike, you take out the person on it too.


    I got to that huge intersection at the corner of South and (I think) Sturt. Coming out of the intersection, I was in the middle lane, coming up between two cars, each in the left and right lane. And the one in the left lane decided he wanted to be in the middle lane. As happens in peak hour, I had someone up my arse and didn't want to e-brake, so I eased right while honking the horn. F***er must have been deaf, because he kept coming into my lane, and I ended up stuck between lanes, so I started to slow down, and as I did so, he tried to mere into the RIGHT LANE WHERE THE OTHER CAR WAS.

    He tapped the other car and swerved back into his, but if I had of stayed there, that would have been the end of me.

    Last? The second to last intersection before work, I stopped at the lights, and as I put my foot down, I looked down, and saw my foot going onto a wee circular rainbow. Too late to stop now. My foot slid out, but luckily as it hit the edge of the oil, I got grip and managed to keep the bike upright.

    So, that was my experiences in the last 24 hours (all within about a 12 hour period >.<)

    By the time I got to work, I was ready to kill somebody >.<

    /slightly angry rant
  2. Been there. Done that. Freaky in the memories it brings back.

    Good work for not stepping into this mode. Yelling and gesticulating is one thing. And best to leave it at that.

    With all your other incidents in the 12 hour period, good work for staying upright. Glad you're capable to share with us. I'll have a beer for you.


    ps. Good work for staying on the bike in the first story. The couple of time it happened to me, when I had a chance to think it over i was amazed that I had not dropped it, and was impressed that I was still upright.
  3. If you have had 3 serious issues in less than 24 hours I would suggest that perhaps your roadcraft may be a little lacking...I'm not having a dig at you because I was the same when I started riding. It seemed everybody was on a mission to take me out...but as you get more experience you read traffic a lot better and anticipate problems and take action before the situation turns to shit...

    Given all that you did a great job to keep your head and keep the bike upright... :)
  4. Mate two things to consider:
    1. Stock horns on bikes are useless
    2. You need another girlfriend as its surely to dangerous to continue seeing this one :LOL:

    Edit: + 1 to roadcraft we generally contribute in some way to our "encounters".
  5. Man, you can pick the issue straight away... :LOL:
  6. ahhh so 2 girlfriends are safer...must run that by the mrs :LOL:
  7. :LOL: Let me know your angle so I can use it mate :wink:
  8. Cheers for the replies guys.

    Yeah, I'm very rarely angry, and even more rarely feel violent when I'm angry, but I do sometimes freak out a the thought of what I can/have done when angry.

    When I think about all the gear I'm wearing, Helmet, Gloves w/ fibre knuckles, elbow & knee pads in my gear, I could do a scary amount of damage and get myself into some real shit.

    I thought the same thing, but didn't want to get arrogant :wink:

    1, I wonder if I could fit an airhorn on a CB250 somehow ... I have a set of three in my car for a bit of a giggle? :) Nothing beats 120db high pitched to scare the hell out of someone.
    2, Maybe it's Karma getting me back for only having a week between the last girlfriend and this one? :LOL:

    I'm trying to work out what I could have done better. I'm thinking that, when the car was squishing me between the other one, I probably should have braked anyway instead of just easing right and then braking.

    And maybe I should look at where I'm putting my feet earlier =\

    But I can't think of much else? =\

    Maybe it's just because this is SA. :LOL:

    Call the ambulance now, shall I? :grin:
  9. thats it right SA drivers for you with some exceptions
  10. The reason cars are pulling out on you etc. is because they don't respect you for riding a CB250. Until you learn to 12' O clock wheelie on that bike, cars just won't respect you.

    That way if they pull out on you, when you get next to them at the lights you can give them the token line "how'd you like me to do a wheelie on your face?"

    Guaranteed instant respect. And if they don't give it.... wheelie em in the face.

    Simple maths really.

    It's known as Pywheeliean's law. It's completely axleproof.
  11. Something like this setup on the bike should do the trick...

  12. lesson learnt for riding in noarlunga ? :p

    seriously i grewup down south and even in my cager people still scare the living shit outta me with their driving habits down there :p
  13. Clearly the problem is why are you going to ur girlfriends? she should be going to yours hahaha :LOL:
  14. What're you talking about? A CB250 is a very respectable bike!


    Not as bad as Elizabeth / Salisbury, where I used to work, but yes, rather scary at times.

    Time to be serious! Ugh. She'd SCARED of driving cars ever since her uncle was done for man slaughter after a hit and run on a biker which she was in the car for.

    Ironically enough, she has no problem being a passenger in a car (or on a motorbike. No, I don't let her on mine.)

    I'm having trouble bringing up that page. Getting 404 and then a timeout o_O
  15. crinkelcut_chip: Okay, finally able to view the video. I only tried from work. Works from home. Think it might be a proxy thing.


  16. haha thats awesome that would scar the crap outta any one