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Good luck glipschitz!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. L's test - big day today! Good luck. Dress warm :)

  2. :moped: today.....and in no time :biker:

    Good Luck!!!
  3. best of luck today greg...........todays weather will give you a proper test :shock:

    just keep 8) and concentrate and ill see ya on your bike friday :D :D :D
  4. Good luck Greg, take it easy and don't worry.

    You'll have that little yellow plate by the end of the day :).
  5. Good luck Greg, you'll shit it in ;)
  6. Goooooooo!!!!!! ....Brother G
  7. GOOD LUCK :D :D :D :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. Yeah dude, goodluck......


  9. Go Greg,
    Up until I passed my L's test, all the training and private riding I did in the wet. Don't worry about the water.
  10. good luck , take your wet weather gear :wink:
  11. How did you go Greg??????
  12. Ah, Greg????
  13. He must have got his Ls and road off into the sunset.......
  14. Hey Greg, the L's test is alot harder that the License test. You did great on the written, alot better than most. Good luck on Tuesday and we will hopefully see you on Friday night on the bike :)
  15. Betcha he'll be riding to the tuesday shopping night!!!
  16. WE CAN FIND YOU ANYWHERE ....hhhahahahahahahahaha (evil laugh)

    minor set back mate , head up and like coloring in , stay between the lines.
    Also put your blinkers on before you leave the box and leave them on , one less thing to think about and lets you concentrate on the task at hand ....and you cant be failed for it either , you can only be failed for not puting them on
  17. In the emergency swerving, from memory, you dont need to worry about indicators as its in an "emergency" situation and you aren't expected to worry about things like indicators. :)
  18. Hey, I failed first go too.....

    Bloody slow ride - perfect every time during practise, THEN nerves stuffed it completely during the test - OF COURSE!
  19. There is no emergency swerve in the L plate test, and you don't have to indicate at all in the P plate test, not for the sweeping turns, not for the emergency escapes.